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Hit Songs of 2017



Music is the only solution out of every situation, you are depressed? Listen to music, are you stressed? Well, music, do you want to party? Music! Want to spice up your romance? Well, say yes to music. There is nothing in this world that can’t be cured by music especially when it comes to your mood, music is the best remedy. Each year there comes atop hot chart list which includes all the hit songs which took the music industry by storm. 
The reason you are reading this article is probably that you want to update your music playlist with some hot chart songs of the year and as always here we are to help you with that. Today in this article we are going to jot down some of the greatest hits of 2017.
So, guys take notes of what we are about to tell you and thank us later for telling you about the new and the hot songs!

1- Shape of you

Ed Sheeran has always been the best music artist who comes up with one great hit each year and that it lasts for all the 12 months. 2016 was also blown up by his number of hit songs but the year 2017 was more special as it came with the best and the most loved, shape of you. 
The music, lyrics and the theme of the song were no less than a mood booster and people all around were just loving it. It got played in every party and every club because yes, it’s one amazing and catchy song with beats to dance your ass off.


Luis Fonsi dropped another bomb this year in the name of despacito, though it comes with mixed language, yet it has been loved and sung by almost every music lover in the world. You might not get the lyrics if you are not Spanish but trust me you just won’t be able to sing along to this song because it is so catchy. 
The beat and the music is something that will make you play it on repeat. In fact, this song has now many versions and people are enjoying translating it into their own languages where the music and the beats remain the same.

3-There is nothing holding me back

Shawn Mendes a young yet highly impressive music sensation has been earning millions by using his soulful and playful voice. Download and listen to “there is nothing holding me back” and you will definitely love the feels his voice gives. Not only this song, in fact, Shawn has given us so many more hits of which “I know I can treat you better” is the best. 
People have been playing both these songs on repeat quite for a long time this year and trust me, it is one addictive song and you can’t resist playing it again and again.
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So, this is it for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got so much more to talk about songs. Till then, keep reading and keep loving our articles.

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