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Here’s Your Complete Guide To Personalized Number Plates



Complete Guide To Personalized Number Plates
Number plates help in identifying a vehicle. Owned by the secretary of the state, these plates are assigned as a part of the process of registering and taxing vehicles.

Number plates are typically assigned to the vehicles and not to their registered keepers. They are meant to stay with the vehicle until the vehicle’s broken up, destroyed, or exported out of the country.

Format Of Personalized Number Plates

The current format for personalized plates was introduced on the 1st of September, 2001. It consists of 2 letters, 2 numbers, a space, and 3 more letters.

The first 2 letters are DVLA memory tags; the 2 numbers indicate the age of the vehicle and the last 3 letters are selected at random.

  • DVLA Tags: The 1st letter represents the location, and the 2nd represents the local office of the DVLA.
  • Age identification numbers: The 2 numbers in the middle indicate the age of the vehicle down to a 6-month period. It changes on 1st March and 1st September.
  • Letters in random: The last 3 letters are selected in random to give the vehicle a unique identity of its own.

Display Of Personalized Number Plates

DVLA’s regulations govern how plates are displayed, designed, and manufactured.

It’s illegal to rearrange, alter, or misrepresent the letters and numbers on the plate to form words or names of personal choice. It’s also illegal to represent the numbers and letters in a way which makes it very difficult to read.

Individuals failing to display the plates properly may be fined up to £1000, or may even have their plates permanently revoked.

How To Buy Private Number Plates

  • Personalized plates can be bought online from DVLA approved registrations.
  • They can be bought from DVLA-organized auctions where prices typically start from £130.
  • They can also be brought from an authorized dealer or a motorist in a private sale.

How To Get A Personalized Number Plate Made

Personalized plates can only be made from registered number plate suppliers. Before ordering from an authorized supplier, you will need the following documents in hand:

  • An identity proof (for e.g., your passport),
  • A document showcasing your entitlement to the registration number.

Funny Number Plates

Private number plates don’t always have to be based on an individual’s initials. They can also be made to spell out meaningfully funny phrases if you wish them to do so. This infographic can throw more light on the matter.

Personal Number Plates – Quirky Combinations

Source- Visually [Made by Plates4Less]