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Here’s How You Can Make Your PVC Strip Doors Last Longer!



Strip doors are commonly known as PVC strip, strip curtains or vinyl strips. It is one of the most economical and pocket friendly way to separate two areas. The barrier improves the flow of traffic in a workplace and also prevents entry of wind, noise and dust. They are highly used in coolers and freezers. They are an economical way of solving a wide range of problems in your home and workplace.

The strip doors form a perfect barrier and also keep pests and insects out. Unlike other doors, strip curtains don’t act as an obstacle on your way. One doesn’t have to open and close it every time they need to pass through that door. There are various companies in Australia that manufactures strip doors. Austcold Industries is an independently operated and owned business. They have been in market since 2000. Since then, they have maintained high quality of product and high standard customer service all over Australia.

Ways to make your strip doors last longer :

The entire concept of PVC strip doors is very simple yet they have emerged to become one of the most popular doors that are being installed today. Flexible PVC strip doors or strip curtains are basically sheets of PVC or plastic curtains that are hanged to divide a big space into two. Along with being economical, they will last you an entire lifetime. However, like every other things on this planet, you need to take proper care for extending its lifespan. Here are the ways to make your PVC strip doors last longer :

  1. Correct material :PVC strip doors are available for a variety of special issue, so you need to be extra careful about your requirement and pick up the right one accordingly. If you install a standard PVC strip curtain in your walk-in freezer, you will notice that they are inflexible and might also end up cracking. For this, you should go for polar grade strip curtains as they are more flexible and can easily withstand low temperatures without cracking. Moreover, if you have a data centre, you might want to install anti-static PVC strip as they do away with the static charge and control temperature efficiently. So, it is extremely crucial to identify the correct material to prevent your PVC strips from getting damaged in no time.
  2. Consider ribbed strips :If you want your PVC strips to last the longest, then ribbed PVC strip curtains is the perfect one for you. They are absolutely perfect for indoor walkways as they are naturally resistant to static. It is common for static to build up on the standard strip curtains making it difficult for people to walk through them. However, the design of the ribs on this particular type of strip curtain prevents them from sticking together. This is turn would help the employees to walk through them without facing a single problem.
  3. Keep the strips clean :Keeping things crystal clean is one of the key to make them last longer. If you notice that it is becoming difficult to see through the PVC strips, you might think they are scratched. However, in all probability they might just be dirty. These curtains do a great deal in keeping out the dust particles from the workplace so the dust can easily build up on them, making them less transparent over time.

By keeping these above points in mind, you can make your PVC curtains last longer than they usually do. No matter how versatile and low maintenance they might be, you need to put in some effort from your side to help them last you for a lifetime.

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