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Helpful Tips For a Longer Bike Life



For most lovers of speed, having your own bike is a passion. While it is a great adrenaline rush to speed through a traffic jam with your bike or going for weekend-long bike rides, it is also important to do correct maintenance of the bike to keep it in a healthy condition for a long time.


The engine is the most important part of your bike. Made up of different motor parts, the engine performs the actual task of running a vehicle. The engine parts can sometimes come in contact with each other and create friction. Bike oil is needed to make sure that these parts are sufficiently lubricated so that the friction does not cause any wear and tear of these parts.


Engine oils can be of two different types: mineral engine oil and synthetic engine oil. Synthetic oils go through extensive refining and have the presence of added chemicals. They are better suited for high-performance engines. Their low oil viscosity also means it has more fuel efficiency. To ensure a smooth riding experience, synthetic engine oil must be used for your bike engine.


Apart from a healthy engine, there are also other important factors in maintaining the good running of a bike. Some vital steps that need to be followed are:

Air filter

The Indian roads are full of dust and pollution. Dust is the biggest enemy of any machine, and your bike is also a machine. With time, dust can clog up the air filter of a bike. Riders should always make sure that the air filter is kept clean at most times. The cleaning frequency will depend on how frequently your bike is used and the presence of dust in your driving conditions. It is also recommended to change the air filter at regular intervals.



The brakes holding the front tire of the bike must be properly spaced. If the brakes are fitted too tight or too loose, it can be lead to accidents. It is advisable to tighten the brakes as per the bike rider’s personal style and requirement. If a screeching sound happens whenever you brake, then it is time to change the bike’s brake pads.



When changing gears while driving, the clutch is used. An overtightened clutch can be problematic – it could slip without your notice and also leads to increase in fuel consumption. It is necessary to adjust the clutch correctly which has the right amount of free play.


Bike chain

Your motorcycle chain transfers the mechanical force of your bike into the wheels. It plays a very important function and should be taken good care of. The bike chain must be regularly lubricated, cleaned and adjusted. Use a piece of soft cloth to remove the dirt accumulated in the chain. Use paraffin to clean the chain. Water must never be used as it may cause rust. Use your bike oil to lubricate the chain. Finally, the bike chain should be properly adjusted have the proper tension and free play of the rear wheel. If the chain is loose and there is less tension, it would not power the rear wheel smoothly when the bike is moving.


Tyre check

A thorough check of bike tyres must be done regularly. The air pressure should be checked. The air pressure level recommended by the bike manufacturer should be maintained. The wheel balance and alignment must also be checked. Also, look out for any cuts or scrapes that could cause a tyre blowout. Tyre treads must also be checked at least once in a week.


Change engine oil

The use of synthetic engine oil is required to keep up a smooth running of your vehicle. The engine oil level must be regularly checked and maintained. As time goes by and the engine collects carbon emissions, the oil slowly turns to sludge. Even the best quality engine oil needs to be changed after a period of time. To keep up a healthy performance, synthetic engine oil must be changed in bikes at regular intervals.


Clean the engine

A complete servicing of the bike should be done at every few months. The engine parts must be cleaned nicely to keep it running smoothly. Special attention should be given to the carburetor. Always clean out the carburetor float chamber as well as the other parts. The spark plug should also be cleaned.


Maintain Battery

A well-maintained battery will ensure a long and smooth running of the bike. Check the batteries regularly for any leakage. If the bike is not used for a long time, you have to ensure the battery should be kept fully charged.