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Guide to historic houses in Maine




Maine is home to many historic establishments. When visiting it would be a shame to miss out on all the museums and historic houses in Maine. This is a perfect destination for all lovers of history that would like to experience a more relaxing and educational vacation. In addition to that, it would be a shame to miss out on all the beautiful nature that this region of the United States has to offer. So, here are some of the best historic houses in Maine that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Best historic houses in Maine

After your exotic vacations, romantic dinners in Dubai or tanning in Bali, this is the perfect change of pace. Now you can experience something a bit different that is equally exciting and culturally enriching. Historic houses in Maine date back to the 1600s. They are a great representation of how Maine changed over the last few centuries. The styles of these homes drastically differ. You can experience everything from rustic and colonial homes to buildings assembled in a Victorian style. Truly, you will find something for everybody. So, here are the historical establishments that you shouldn’t skip during your visit to Maine.

a castle looking home with a yellow exterior.

Victoria Mansion

This very popular Maine mansion is also known as Morse-Libby House. Since it was built in the 1850s it gives an amazing feel of that period in our history. The style of this building is based on Italy, so it has a European sense to it. The interior design is still kept as much as possible as it was back in the day, which is great for all visitors. Experiencing such things is the main reason to visit such places. Look stylish when traveling and visiting this place.  You will fit right in! The glamour and the luxury of this place are undeniable.

Washburn-Norlands Living History Center

This is the place where New England began in the 19th century. This very special cultural center is made up of half a dozen buildings and each of them serves a special cause. For instance, one of them is a library. Also, there is a church and other significant establishments. This center truly is one of the greatest historic houses in Maine. So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the home of Washburns, one of the biggest political dynasties.

Big castle next to the water.

Portland Observatory

The observatory was built originally as a communication tower, that served its purpose in Portland’s Harbor. Today, this National Historic Landmark operates as a historic spot and a museum. The best part about this special place is that it offers tours to its visitors and educational classes and programs.

Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site aka. Fort William Henry

Since this is the place where New England began, there is no surprise that more then a few historic houses in Maine are linked to it. Fort William Henry is not an exception. There is very informed personnel that work on this historic site and teach visitors everything they need to know about what happened in this region during the mid-1620s. This property is very large. It consists of a picnic area, walking trails, food services, beaches, motor boating, fishing, etc. Visiting this site can be an active and educational afternoon spent with your family. You can learn how the fishing was done in the past and which were other popular sports throughout history.

Olson House and Farm

The former home of Alvaro and Christina Olson is another National Historic Landmark. Christina Olson was the muse behind the painting called Christina’s World, painted by Andrew Wyeth. The famous painter was actually buried at this very place. When visiting the Olson home, you can walk through the house and experience and see many paintings of this famous artist. The Olson home is surely one of the most famous historic houses in Maine. Frequently visited by all that are charmed by paintings and renowned painters.

Wilton Farm and Home Museum

The house-museum was built in the 1860s and was first used as a stationary for all the workers at the shoe factory on Wilton Stream. Once that era was done, this great house was used as an office and storage of the Bass Company. Today the museum houses outstanding assemblies of Maine farm utensils, Maine bottles, collectibles of Sylvia Hardy and many other interesting things.

Wadsworth-Longfellow House

Nowadays this house has a dual purpose. It represents a museum and at the same time doubles as the headquarters for the Maine historical society. As you can guess, this is one of the most in-demand historic houses in Maine. Formerly this was the home to a famous family that made a huge mark in politics, cultural life and literacy. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called this house his home and became one of the most significant men of his time. When visiting this house, you will have the opportunity to witness a huge chunk of Maine’s history. Whatever you do, do not skip visiting the ex Wadsworth-Longfellow residence.

cooked lobster on a plate, served with corn

Why is Maine gaining popularity?

Maine is gaining momentum and giving some major vacation states a run for their money. However, this is not the only way Maine is dominating as a state. Many have gravitated towards this state and manage to call it their new home. If you relocate anywhere within the area, you would have the opportunity to live a slower and calmer life. In addition, nature is beautiful and the life of people that live in Maine are culturally enhanced. This just might be the perfect place to live a peaceful life and raise a family.

If living or just visiting Maine, you shouldn’t miss out on all the historic places that we have recommended. Not only do the historic houses in Maine have a unique look to them, but they all have a very significant meaning to them as well. Broaden your knowledge and horizons by visiting these old but very significant places.