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While the previous year was all about tropical green, sophisticated camel accents, and warm neutral, the colour palette this year has taken quite an edgier turn to it. It is all about the metallic, fiery red and most importantly, ultraviolet, which is the Pantone colour of this year. These important painting trends are here to continue and define this year. It can even seep right into the design visual boards of 2019 shortly. So, if you are in some dire need of imagining how they might play out in your comfort space, then you can log online and get some details from there.

Black is the in-thing:

Even though it might sound a bit weird but the specified colour Caviar black is quite an in-thing of 2018. In layman’s term, Caviar is black, which is on the cusp of charcoal.

  • So, it can easily pair quite well with the dark grey and will not contrast too starkly with the furniture in some of the deeper shades.
  • If you ever plan to invest money on a pitch black or darkest brown coloured sofa or comforting chair, then this caviar black colour for the walls might be a suitable touch to your room, making it rather authentic in nature.

The ultimate statement turquoise:

This is often termed to be a vibrant shade which is not demure in slightest and will always end up making that bold statement on the walls. You can try this single accent wall in your bedroom or you can even fill up your entire space with this amazing forward-thinking shade. There are so many people who love blue but not this shade particularly. For those finicky minds out there, online sources have designer’s favourite shades too. They can collect some ideas from those colours as well.

To enjoy the sunshine every day:

Whether it is bright or gloomy outside, you can always enjoy the sunshine to the fullest with the amazing version of yellow for your interior walls.

  • This year, you are most welcome to try out the sunny goldenrod shades, which can easily create a cosy and cheerful statement.
  • Rich and warm yellows will often feel organic and all natural. It can often be paired well with the blue and cream accents.

For that sophisticated touch with a blush:

One of the best ever shades and much popular one among the interior designer has to be Penelope. It is the shade of a dusty rose, which can easily reimagine neutral form of home styling. This is a part of the barely-there colour, which can combine simple chic of ecru and vivacity of the classic pink. Things will turn to work out pretty well for you there.

Few other options:

These colours are some of the most fascinating options waiting for you to grab right now. Other than that, you can try out the rich earth tones, which are also gaining quite some popularity among the masses. Other than that, the vibrant deep red can also work out pretty well.

Paul is an owner of AllPro Paint systems. They worked on about every project imaginable; big, small, commercial, residential, offices, churches, retail outlets. They understand both sides of the coin and can service your professional painting needs.