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Get Right Arch Support With Podiatrist Advise



A podiatrist is defined as an individual who is also known as a podiatric physician. They are also referred to as foot and ankle surgeons and are medical professionals who have devoted their life to studying different kinds of disorders of the foot, especially the ankle and other similar extremities. Generally, if the podiatrist has devoted to the study and medical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower extremity, they easily get their license and can practice and specialize in providing arch support.


The shape of the sole and the height of the arch are believed to be important to the issues like leg pain and having a high leg arch is believed to increase the chances of the development of hammertoes or multiple fractures due to longer standing. To reduce this stress on the feet and to provide a proper support to the soles, the podiatrists suggest the use of various arch supports in form of shoe insoles or shoe inserts. In most case, you do get these readymade, but it is suggested to consult with a podiatrist prior to the same.

These medically designed shoe insoles are different from the ones, which are already available in the sports shoes. Made from softer and jelly-like material, these shoe inserts act not only as devices which exactly complement the shape of the legs. Hence, provide extra support to the arch, but also work as an excellent shock absorber and reduce the pressure from the wearers’ feet. While there are many arches supports available off the shelf, some people get customized shoe inserts created which exactly map to the shape of their feet. However, these podiatrist arch supports are more expensive as compared to the standard supports.

Getting the shape right

Another important thing that the person buying an arch support either from an online or an offline store should consider it is the fact that the shape of the leg and the height of the arch changes when the person is walking. In fact, the real pain and issues come due to this change in the arch heights, which may not be consistent or proper. Hence, the arch support or the shoe insole that is bought should take care of providing the extra support in case of walking. A podiatrist would ensure that the precise measuring techniques are implied here so that you can get the right fit.


Different features 

There are many companies selling different arch supports and shoe inserts to provide support to the soles. Most of these companies also provide different models each, which has a design more suited to different shapes of legs. Apart from this, some of the leg inserts come with different features to not only take care of contoured, but also provide proper support to the legs both horizontally and vertically, so that the wearer is properly relaxed. A podiatrist would examine your foot closely based on X-rays and other reports to ensure that the underlying problem is solved. Apart from this, they will raise the arch as per the issue be it plantar fasciitis or even Achilles Heels.

All in all, while each company claims that its solution of the arch support is the best, since this decision impacts the health and well being of the wearer, a proper research and discussion with the podiatrists can help you make an informed decision. Hence, the right podiatrist would be the right expert to guide you through these multiple arch related problems and provide the right support too. It is best to see them initially when the issue arises to ensure that you get help at the right time.