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Get Free CIBIL Score Through Two Simple Ways



A good CIBIL score is one of the important parameters that can impact your chances to get an instant loan with the best interest rate. Every individual should check the score from time to time like in six month or one year, so that maintain a satisfactory scores.

If you want to know the points and understand the calculation, so you have two ways through the website or by PAN card. Let’s check out step by step.

Check CIBIL Score Through Website

  • Go to the official site
  • Fill the name, date of birth, and gender as per PAN
  • Identity proof, address proof, and employment type
  • Registered email ID or mobile number
  • Accept terms and conditions then click on submit button

Check CIBIL Score By PAN Card

  • Go to the site through PAN
  • Enter the name, date of birth, and gender through PAN card
  • Employment type, identity proof, and address proof
  • Share registered email ID or mobile number
  • Before can click on submit button, accept terms and conditions

They can ask a few questions related to previous pending details, outstanding balance, etc. After verification within a day provides confirmation mail on registered ID. It can apply for both procedures.

If Your Credit Score Is Less Than 650, So What Will Happen

To get free CIBIL score, should calculate own points and according to that will receive the benefits. Let’s check out every scores benefit.

  • 300 points directly indicate you are not eligible for any financial support
  • 450 to 500 credit calculation better than the first one but still not getting any help
  • 550 to 600 is the indication for you, to start payback all the bills on time
  • 650 to 700 scores a few banks can provide approval for a loan with a high-interest rate
  • 750 to 800 CIBIL score shows you know the utilization of the product
  • 850 to 900 is the perfect score to get the best credit card offers, and the lenders also feel happy to help you

Know The Five Habits For A High CIBIL Score

Be Punctual: You should punctual about payment, repayment, and payback it’s a right way to get a high CIBIL score. It’s an important habit to improve own credit score so that nobody can drag you.

Minimum Utilization Of The Card: Most of you unaware the consequences of the high utilization. Even the lenders are not happy with that person who can use credit limit more than 30%. That’s why the less can use the more can save.

Monitoring Your Product: Always try to check own credit statement in six months or one-year. It’s a right way to keep in eyes on own expenses as well as if there is an issue in your report, so correct it before it’s too late.

Say NO To Becoming A Loan Guarantor: How close are you to the borrower, you will become responsible for that person mistake. Evan a small mistake can pay to you also like delay for payment or forget about it. That’s why to say big NO for a guarantor.