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Fun things to do after moving to Carrollton, TX




Before moving to a new place, it’s essential to research the neighborhood and its safety, the job market and the school district. However, a lot of people forget to look into entertainment or leisure activities as well. Thankfully, moving to Carrollton means moving to a city that always has something fun to offer for every occasion. It’s a vibrant residential and corporate community teeming with new residents, so you’re bound to fit in no matter the lifestyle. Here are some of the fun things you can do in the city once you settle after the relocation.

Go for a stroll in one of the parks

Nature enthusiasts will find that Carrollton is a great place where you can start over, thanks to its endless green spaces. No matter what outdoor activities you’re into, we guarantee you the City’s Parks and Department has you covered. If you’re moving with kids, by all means, take them to Mary Heads Carter Park. This spacious park features slides and climbing frames, but it also offers amenities for adults as well. There are restrooms and pavilions, a small duck pond and a walking trail. For those who want to immerse themselves in an authentic natural experience, Nob Hill Greenbelt is the way to go. Not only is it perfect if you’re a runner or cyclist who’s moving to Carrollton, but it’s also great for dog owners too. In case you’re looking for an alternative to the bigger parks, Wart Steenson park will do the job.

All things considered, outdoor fun isn’t something that you’re going to lack once you relocate here. In order to enjoy to the fullest, consider searching for an apartment near one of the parks. If not, you can always find help relocating to a new neighborhood and become a regular park-goer.a family taking a walk in the park

Visit museums after moving to Carrollton

As a proud resident of the Lone Star State, you’ll want to know a bit about its history. After moving to Carrollton, head straight to the A. W. Perry Homestead Museum. Here you can catch a glimpse of life in north-central Texas at the beginning of the 20th century. Perry was one of the first settlers in the area, and his farm has been turned into the Museum in 1976. It’s a truly authentic historical experience where you’ll learn a lot about the city. Another unique experience when it comes to museums is visiting the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Although it’s located in the neighboring Alison, it’s still a short drive from the city. It’s one of the many aviation museums in Dallas featuring exhibits from both World Wars. History buffs will surely enjoy this tour of America’s aviation heritage, including some rare warbirds. All in all, it’s worth visiting and seeing how far we’ve come when it comes to aviation.

a woman in an art gallery

Have fun at the amusement park

Now, it’s common knowledge that relocation is a daunting task. But, did you know that moving can affect your mental health as well? So, in order to let off steam after settling in, head off to one of the amusement parks. During the summer, you and your kids can visit Oak Hills Splash Park, which other than being a water park has a picnic area as well. Another great alternative where you can spend summer evenings is a great splash park called W. J. Thomas Splash Pad. There’s even a tennis court, and a big open field to play with kids. If you have a car, make sure to visit the City of Plano, which is a mere 14 miles outside of Carrollton. Here you can enjoy in a Crayola experience, a one-of-a-kind family attraction. From sand art to playgrounds and crayon molding, this place has so many activities that will keep your kids entertained. For other similar facilities, make sure to check the city’s website for information on special events such as picnics or holiday gatherings.

a water slide and a pool

Stop by the Historic downtown

And now for the main attraction of the City! The Historic downtown is a neighborhood where you’ll best experience the authentic Carrollton atmosphere. It merges the old and the new by pairing two historic parks and antique shops with the modern eatery. Other than that, it’s also famous for its seasonal events such as Carrollton’s TexFest. This free event offers the true Texan idea of fun on the state’s independence day – craft beer and mechanical bull accompanied by live music.

Downtown is the best place in the city if you want to relax and unwind. Looking for a massage, a premium restaurant or a fitness club? You’ll find this and all kinds of other fun things to do on Adamson Square. And if you wish to see a live show or an art exhibit, Carrolton Plaza Art Center has you covered. In fact, if you stay organized on a moving day, you should make time and take a walk down the square in the evening. There’s nothing like a relaxing stroll after a stressful day.

Nightlife and dining experience

After dark, Carrollton has quite a few options you can opt for when looking for a fun night out. What do you say about a night club and a karaoke spot all wrapped into one? City Night Cafe & KTV has 19 amazing private rooms and they organize singing contests every Wednesday. For those who appreciate a quieter atmosphere, Hookah Hut Lounge is a great alternative. Add Persian tea and board games to the experience just to spark some more interest – you get the idea.

Dining options abound in this city, so if you’re a food enthusiast, moving to Carrollton won’t be disappointing. They range from street food such as signature sandwiches at The Highland Deli and Grill to a more refined Kenny’s Italian Kitchen. But the most well-known place is the Corner Cafe, which has been serving food since 1994. All in all, you can’t go wrong whatever option you choose!