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Following Tech Investors: Everything You Need to Know About Michael Robinson and His Investment Strategy



Technology is an exciting topic for plenty of us and part of the appeal is that it is a fast-paced sector where new discoveries are regularly being announced and products or ideas seem to evolve quickly as a result of investments made by backers who believe they have found something that could make a difference to the world we live in.

The problem for stock market investors is that the technology sector can be more volatile than other areas of investment but on the flip side if you manage to identify a winning idea, the potential return on your investment could be as exciting as the tech itself.

One of the star investment names in Silicon Valley is Michael Robinson and his insights often prove interesting reading to his followers, who could find that his picking prowess might pinpoint which tech stocks could deliver a profit for investors.

Here is a look at the man that enjoys a proven track record for picking tech stocks that can often take off and knows where to find these companies with his finger on the pulse when it comes to technology.

Staying ahead of the curve

As technology seems to update at such a rapid rate it would seem to be a good strategy to try and tap into the mind of someone who is viewed as a Silicon Valley insider and seems to have a good handle on what is trending and which tech stocks might be ready to reward investors who have put their faith as well as their money into their vision.

So many exciting things are happening

Whatever industry you focus your attention on it is highly likely that you will find examples of where technology has made a substantial difference to how things are produced and how efficiently a business can be.

One prime example would be the automotive industry, where AI technology is causing a revolution with robotics becoming an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Wherever you look you can find some excellent innovations and incredible technological advancements that are making a real difference in our modern world.

If you want to be a strategic tech investor who is keen to tap into this potentially lucrative but potentially volatile investment market, it makes sense to try and get some guidance from someone who is renowned for having their finger on the technology pulse.

Who is Michael A. Robinson?

He already has a number of followers who are always keen to hear his insights and learn what stocks he thinks could be heading north with its price, so who is the person who may be able to give you those potentially valuable insights?

Michael Robinson could be viewed as the man for that job.

He has acquired what could be classed as veteran status as a result of working in and around the hi-tech hotbed known as Silicon Valley and his current role includes acting as an advisor to several venture capital firms.

That could be viewed as a tip in itself with regard to Michael Robinson’s ability to be able to spot the winners from the losers, as venture capitalists like to ensure that they get a good run for the money and rely on good information from people in the know to boost their chances of turning a profit from their investment.

Interestingly, Mr Robinson is also an accomplished writer and reporter and he has written a number of books about financial markets in general. His writing skills are also put to work with his opinions as a tech analyst always in demand and demonstrating that he is a bit of an all-rounder who has tech experience and can put his thoughts down in writing in a readable format.

Some of his career highlights as a writer have included the article where he highlighted the rare earth mineral crisis, which poses such a potential threat to tech manufacturing demands.

Cutting through the noise

Another possible advantage for investors to consider when deciding whether to follow someone like Michael Robinson is the fact that subscribers to his views across a number of different publications will be able to go straight to a list of tech companies who might be primed for a rise in their stock value.

Investing in technology stocks, or any stocks for that matter, is not without its risks and there will be times when your money doesn’t achieve a positive return, although you would hope that the profitable trades outweigh the ones that go into the red.

By listening to someone with a proven track record in this particular industry you should be giving yourself more of a chance to cut through all the hype and zone in on the opportunities that have been highlighted as potential winners.

With the speed of innovation seemingly on the rise, this will often lead to new technologies coming to market much earlier than they might have done in the past.

Even allowing for due diligence before a stock is listed and investors are invited to put their cash down, this fast-moving scenario can create a situation where valuations are unrealistically high.

If you are not an analyst by profession it is entirely understandable that you might struggle to find a formula for picking tech stocks that have greater potential for profit than others.

This is where someone like Michael Robison might come in. By being able to read about which technologies and what companies he thinks should be on your investment radar, this should offer you the chance to save research time make an informed decision.

It is fair to say that most ordinary investors will not be able to pick the brains of some of the major tech pioneers and find out what these industry leaders think will be the next big thing, but someone with that unprecedented access is Michael Robinson.

You should always make your own mind up when it comes to financial decisions like investing in tech stocks, but it does make sense to hear what a tech veteran has to say before you put your money down.

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