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Follow some awesome way to recite the Quran




Ask any Muslim whether or not they read the Qur’an as much as they’d like and the answer is likely to be no. Ask them why, and it’s often because of the fear of bad pronunciation and lack of fluency.

1. Recite the Holy Qur’an as loudly as you’ll while not straining yourself or heavy others around you

To quote Strunk & White (respectively), “If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, say it loud!” “Why compound ignorance with inaudibility?” My own childhood tutor would continuously tell me to raise my voice. One of my tutors told me that my voice should fill the entire men’s prayer hall at the Richmond James mosque (Vancouver, BC). When you mumble, you’re activity your faults. Bring your faults out into the open thus your teacher will correct them. Catholics have confession. We have awkward recitation. This is the time for you to bring out your faults. There is a time for quiet devotion. That time isn’t when you’re learning.

2. Proper recitation takes precedence over humble contemplation

Imagine somebody who learned to pray as an adult. Would you advise them to do no matter made them feel a lot of religious even though their prayers were invalid? Humble contemplation will come later. As a student, specialize in correct pronunciation.

3. Proper recitation takes precedence over beautiful recitation

Some of the hardest people to teach tajwid to are munshids, or spiritual singers. It doesn’t matter if you’ll recite the verse in seventy totally different maqamat, or musical modes. Recite the Holy Quran appropriately first, even if it destroys your pace.

4. Recite the Qur’an as beautifully as you can

You’re a slab of meat, a bag of blood, a mere visitant on this earth. However, you’re also a musical instrument taking part in the tune of Divine Revelation. You’re not answerable for however good or bad you sound, however you’re rewarded for how a lot of you try.

5. Go light when reciting

Being stuffed with food and drink doesn’t help.

6. Avoiding from Talking While Reciting This Sacred Book

Due to huge significance of the Holy Verse of Furqan e Hameed, one must not break the momentum of recital process by sitting during a quiet corner, away from all kinds of distractions and avoid talking to anybody. it’s additionally important because one shouldn’t converse concerning the worldly matters whereas reading the Sacred Book of allah SWT as this act would possibly result in satanic influence.

7. Placing The Quran On A Pillow

A great deal of care should be taken while putting the Holy Book of Allah SWT by resting it on a neat and clean pillow or alternative support and avoid swing it on the ground because of its extremely high status.

8. Warm up before reciting

If possible, recite the passages that your teacher is scheduled to listen to for a minimum of half an hour before the lesson, preferably immediately before the lesson and in the same location (if possible).

9. Sit up straight when reciting

You should be able to use your lungs to their full capacity. This is greatly limited when slouching.

10. Listen to the Qur’an as much as you can

The best Qari to listen to is Mahmoud Khalil al-Husari. Make sure to concentrate to him reciting within the murattal style, that could be a slow however natural pace. (The mujawwad vogue is a lot of rhythmic however the rhythm distracts beginners from the correctness of his recitation. The tahqeeq (aka ta’leem) style is artificially slow. It is good for absolute beginners, but not those who are used to reciting the Qur’an.) There is simply no one better who has been recorded to date.

Reference: You can learn the Holy Quran form online Quran classes