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Fly from Singapore to Osaka Without Hassle Today



Japan will be hosting the next Summer Olympics next year and the whole country is quite excited about receiving visitors from all over the world. The Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo but the visitors and tourists would want to make the best use of the opportunity to see the other places in Japan. Osaka is one beautiful place you would want to add to your tour itinerary to Japan. If you plan to fly from Singapore, you can get the right Singapore to Osaka flight for the journey and book your tickets.

Search the Flights Correctly

The search for the flights is to be done by using the correct codes for the airports. The Changi International Airport in Singapore goes with the code SIN and the Kansai International Airport, which is the best way to reach Osaka, is known by the airport code KIX. There are several airlines that operate their flights from Singapore to Kansai, many of them with a stopover. Singapore Airlines has a direct flight that takes about six hours. Scoot is another airline that has direct flights to Osaka.

Choose the Right Category

Airlines offer various classes of travel on their flights. If you have chosen one of the budget carriers like Scoot, you can book any of the four types of tickets on offer. At the base level, you will be offered an economy class seat with no food being served and very little by way of baggage allowance. At the next higher level, you will get the same seat, but food will be served. The third will have baggage allowed as well. The highest category will be a more comfortable seat with more legroom. The ticket cost will vary with the facility being offered.

On a regular Singapore Airlines flight, most of these things may not apply, and all those above are already included. However, just note that ticket prices on the Singapore Airlines flights will be higher. It is your choice to make. You may want to consider the other aspects too, like the departure and arrival timings to suit your travel convenience.

Inflight Entertainment and Food

Your flight can be made more comfortable if you have inflight entertainment offered in many languages and genres. The food served during the flight should also be to your liking. Enjoy it as much as you can. You should be looking forward to Osaka once you land there.

Osaka Has Much to Offer for the Tourists

As mentioned, Osaka city is served by the international airport in Kansai. Once you land there and clear the immigration and customs formalities, you can proceed to your hotel. Hopefully, you have already done your hotel booking before leaving Singapore. You can cover a few more destinations keeping Osaka as your base. These include Kyoto and Kobe. There are comfortable trains from Osaka to these cities. You should preferably have an interpreter since Japanese is the language spoken by most

The Japanese are very courteous people and very much steeped in their old culture and habits. Have a pleasant trip to Osaka.

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