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Florida relocation guide for first-time movers

If you are moving for the first time, you will find our Florida relocation guide for first-time movers very helpful. Hopefully, you will experience and enjoy a stress-free and smooth move.




When it comes to relocation – it can be stressful even for experienced people. However, when moving for the first time, everything seems even more complicated and overwhelming. But you shouldn’t worry about it. The last thing you should do is start panicking and worrying about every little detail. Instead, let’s go through the Florida relocation guide for first-time movers and see what are the things you shouldn’t forget before relocating to your new home.

Be calm

Even though you might be experiencing panic and fear of the unknown, you should stay calm during this process. Worrying can only cause you problems and doesn’t let you keep track of all the things you need to do. Therefore, stay realistic, calm and organized on your moving day and throughout the whole preparation process and everything will be just fine.

Prepare for the Florida weather

If you are coming from a completely different climate, Florida weather may come as a shock to you – in a positive way. Florida has warm weather all year round, which may affect your packing for the move. If you plan on staying here for a while, you might need to revisit your wardrobe and get rid of all the winter clothes, because you’ll probably don’t need it.

Start your plans on time

The first rule of the Florida relocation guide for first-time movers is to start planning your move on time. As you are moving for the first time, you need to be aware of every step of the way and know all the details of the move. That’s why you should make a moving checklist – Florida edition, and track the progress of your relocation as the moving day approaches. A proper plan will help you stay organized and ready for all the challenges a move can bring.

Be realistic and organized about your budget

When you’re inexperienced about relocations, you may not be aware of all the costs that come up during that process. That’s why planning your moving budget is a must. Be sure to find out the precise moving costs – require your moving company to give you a precise moving estimate. Also, don’t forget all the other ‘hidden costs’  many people forget – packing supplies, travel costs, storage, etc. Include everything in your budget plan and see if you need to cut down some costs, especially if you’re moving on a budget. Don’t let anything cause you stress and find some ways to reduce your moving costs by doing things on your own, downsizing your move, collecting free packing supplies, etc. It’s important to stay within your planned budget, and don’t break a bank during the relocation process.

Bonus info: Florida has no state income tax, so don’t forget that when planning your long-term finances. This is a huge advantage compared to other states, however, the insurance policies are more expensive than in other places.

Ask for help

As a first-time mover,  you don’t have all the experience and skill that is required to execute a completely stress-free and successful move. That’s why asking people you know for help is absolutely okay and can be a huge relief. Here’s what your friends and family can help you with:

  • those who moved recently can share their experiences and recommend a good moving company or warn you about fraudulent ones.
  • they can give you leftover packing supplies
  • your friends or family members can help you with packing – it’s a good idea to create a packing event, a day where some of them can come and help you pack, and you can provide some snacks and refreshments. This is one of the best ways to speed up the moving process.
  • somebody can take care of your pets or kids on a moving day.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, since doing everything on your own can really be overwhelming. Also, some of the people you know may have some very useful tips on how to move much faster and safer – which can be extremely helpful.

Hire professional help

Not having time, skill or experience in moving can make it even more chaotic. That’s why hiring someone professional to do everything for you is maybe the best idea there is. Skilled movers have all the right tools and supplies, too, which will protect your items as well as your health. However, you need to be careful when recognizing the right mover for your relocation – it needs to be someone you can trust, and who can deal with your items in the safest way possible. Be sure to do some background check, ask for recommendations, and look for suspicious signs when hiring someone to transport your whole home. Avoiding fraudulent moving companies is the top priority when it comes to the Florida relocation guide for first-time movers.

Update your address

People often forget to take care of their contact details when they relocate. Be sure to update your address (even before the moving day, so your mail, deliveries, and subscription arrive at your new Florida home on time. Don’t forget to check your ID and drivers’ license, too, since maybe you’ll have to issue new documents, or update your car’s registration information. Also, don’t forget to update your address on shopping websites, so your deliveries don’t go to your old address.

Enjoy your new home

Florida is an amazing state, with a lot of entertainment options, amazing beaches and sunny days. That’s why you should forget about moving stress and start enjoying your new home as soon as you arrive. We hope this Florida relocation guide for first-time movers is helpful enough to make you feel calm and ready to move to the Sunshine State and love every bit of it. Have a safe move!