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Fix WordPress Images Via Facebook Debugger



As a blogger at some point you’ll probably face the problem of facebook issue that does not displaying the correct image from your WordPress site. Sometimes Facebook might show you worse image! But don’t worry you can easily troubleshoot and fix these types of issues using a tool Facebook Debugger.

What is Facebook Debugger?

Facebook debugger is a tool that you to check that all information which facebook gets from each page on your site. To check and customize firstly go to and paste the url of page which information you want to check.

After that debug button and and you get that what Facbook take from your facebook page information. you find a list with Open Graph elements that has been chosen by facebook to take at the share massage. Usually og list contain these elements:

  • Og:url
  • Og:type article
  • Og:title
  • Og:image
  • Og:description
  • Og:site_name
  • Og:updated time
  • Article:published_time

Incase you find no any data in front of each tag, there are two possible reasons.

  • Facebook didn’t take any data from the site

This one is very typical situation for any site which have just been launched. In this situation just press Debug button once again and the cache of Facebook will be refreshed.

  • There are no Open Graphs on your site or they are not properly set

If refreshing do not help, it means there is something wrong with the tags on your site.

Fix Incorrect Open Graph Tags in Facebook

If the facebook og debugger will not display your entire content the reason is, you may not use og tag properly. That’s not your WordPress pages fault.

With the use of plugin you can avoid this issue. And plugin will help you to set og tag manually for each & every page.

There are so many plugin that authorize you to select which elements Facebook should display,

Which is as enabling you to configure your og tags.

Now use the plugin, visit your Dashboard and find the plugins tab. After that click on Add New button and use the search bar on the next page to see the plugin by using its full name.

Now click on install now button.

After the installation of plugin, a blue activate button appear and it will get you next to its name.

Firstly click on plugin and then install it. Now click on this blue button and start using the plugin. After the activation of plugin a new widget will appear you just below the wordpress editor at the time of page or post opening.

Fix WordPress Images via Facebook Debugger

we will elaborate throughout the two steps to fix the problem! Let’s get cracked…

First Step: Clear the WordPress Cache

Second Step:Force Facebook to Reload Your Open Graph Tags


In this given blog we will discussed how to fix WordPress images using Facebook debugger.

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