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5 Unique Benefits Of Gable Boxes You Need To Know



kraft gable boxes

In olden times, gable shaped homes are made in Britain that used to have two slope shaped levels for water drain. Gable boxes have the same shape as of those homes and are made of cardboard in different sizes and styles. The boxes are being used in many industries like food, cosmetic and for carrying treats and candies, some valuable benefits that one take from gable boxes are as follows:

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1. Gift Carrier

Gable boxes are spacious and unique looking boxes and have attractive shapes that make them special and different from the other boxes available in the market. With gable boxes wholesale from go custom boxes you can take advantage of its unique shape and can send your gifts, treats and other favors in them to your loved ones. These boxes can be printed with event themes of Christmas, Easter, New year and other famous events which are then used for carrying gifts on those events.

2. Retail purpose

Gable boxes are spacious and have a larger volume than other tuck end packaging boxes, therefore they can carry retail items more attractively and with more appeal. They grab customer attention immediately and make the product easy to notice for the customer. Gable boxes wholesale are perfect for displaying food retail items like rice, pasta, and other uncooked eatables. The retail bakery items, candies, chocolates, and other products at kids section can also be packed in clear gable boxes wholesale. These boxes have a transparent window at their front panel and products can be seen through that window easily. This feature attracts the kids to grab the product out from the box and increase sales of the bakery or retail store.

3. Take Away Purpose

The gable boxes are made with a special handle on top that make them very convenient to carry. Therefore the gable boxes wholesale are used for carrying food items like burgers, fish and chips and other snacks. These boxes can protect the food from contamination and keep the temperature of the food optimal for a long time. Traditional cuisines and meals can also be packed like cooked pasta and noodles and can be used in restaurants as well.

4. Promotion and Brand Advertising
As gable boxes have a larger printing area as compared to the other boxes, they are perfect for promotion and advertising of a product. The boxes are printed with logo, color scheme and advertising slogans that will make your brand famous among the competitors. Also, the unique opening and closing style of gable boxes make it special for keeping products on sale. Especially on apparel stores, these boxes convey a positive impression of the product packed inside and can increase sales promptly.

5. Perfect for display
Gable boxes wholesale are visually appealing and are designed with special add-ons like die-cut windows and intersection locks. This makes them perfect to display the cosmetic, food and bakery products that will urge the buyer to pick the product from the display and buy them. Also, the Kraft gable boxes are very lightweight and attractive which communicates with the customers and increase the probability of generating sales.

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, there are many other benefits of gable boxes. They can be constructed from corrugated material for shipping slightly heavy items as well. These heavy-duty gable boxes are used for subscription purpose if multiple cosmetic products are desired to be delivered. BY sealing the bottom of the boxes, the products are safer and protected inside the box.

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