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Five Expert Logo Designing Tips For Beginner Web And Graphic Designers



A logo is one of the simplest designs of all. But does it make this job easy? Nah; it might look simple on the hindsight but on the foresight, it has actually taken a lot of painful man hours for one to get it to perfection.

Hence, I say a simple design isn’t too simple at all. It requires a lot of time and patience to get it right. Anyway, here are a few logo-designing tips that might come in handy for you.

Be unique, be different

A logo’s going to be the only visual thing that’s going to distinguish any brand from its notable competitors. Hence, it becomes mighty important for you to make the design a standout among the crowd.

How can you do that?

There’s no hard and fast rules to be honest. Your imagination is your weapon. But do take your surrounding examples into consideration.

For example, look at the logo of “Mercedes.” Mercedes is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of supercars. How does its logo look? Is it in the form of a car or a “M”(which should be the more obvious thing to do right here)?  Nah! It’s in the shape of a star having only 3 points.

Simplistic genius I would say. Try to incorporate such ideas in your design. It might go a long way indeed.

Know the brand well

A logo’s going to the primary representative of a brand. Naturally the mentality of “it’s just an image” will not work here.

You have to understand the brand well. You have to look it up, do some research on their policies and understand their contributions to the world in general. Once you get a good idea of the same, try to incorporate it in your design.

For example:

Take a peek at this detailed logo of amazon.

Can you find something unique about it apart from the obvious name of the brand. Look at that yellow arrow that runs from a-z. Do you know the meaning of that?

It means that people will find every commodity starting from “a”  to “z” on their respective platform. Beautiful and straight to the point, isn’t it? The logo hits the nail right on the head. It’s a classic!

Choose colors wisely

Bright colors might be eye-catching but at the same time, they can look too bashing which can actually hurt the reputation of a company. You have to find out a balance somewhere to keep the balance between sophistication and sensationalism.

This legend can come in handy for you:

  • Red: Symbolizes something bold and energetic.
  • Orange: The symbol of youth. Creativity and friendliness are also represented by orange.
  • Yellow: Optimism.
  • Green: Organic and environmental-friendly. Might also signify something instructional in nature.
  • Blue: The sign of medicine and professionalism.
  • Black: Powerful.
  • Purple: Wise and spiritual.
  • Pink: Signifies something flirty and fun.
  • Brown: Historical, rural and steady.

Incorporate custom fonts

If you want to create something unique by incorporating the actual name of the company in your logo design, this point is vitally important for you. I will explain this with an example so that you get the point in a jiffy.

Take a peek at the design of Coca- Cola where they have used the company name in their design to perfection.

So what’s the unique thing about the design shown above? It’s the design of the fonts used in it. Purely original and unique; there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

Can you incorporate these ideas in your design? Can you create a font from scratch purely on basis of your imagination? If you can, you are the man; as simple as that.

Keep it simple

This tip’s going to be the last of the lot and I am going to repeat the same thing for the umpteenth time yet again. Your logo must be simple so that it can be comprehended in a jiffy. Avoid distractive backgrounds at all cost. DO NOT overcrowd a logo. That’ll do you more harm than good to be honest.

Best example- Nike (Can you find anything simpler than this?)

Designing the perfect logo for any brand doesn’t come so easy. It requires a lot of imagination and research. For more information on logo designs, contact Launchify, a pay monthly websites UK designing company. They will be happy to guide you further.