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Features That You Should Look While Buying Avalanche Safety Equipment



Level 1 avalanche Course

People often underestimate the risk of an avalanche while skiing or snowboarding. Being aware of the terrain and snow condition is one of the best ways to avoid the risk of avalanche. However, you really need to check the weather condition before going for skiing and snowboarding. This will avoid you to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many people don’t really how to identify avalanche. To know this, you might have to go for Avalanche safety courses. This course is specially designed to make you understand the avalanche safety and risks. However, using the right equipment at the right time will also ensure your safety.

Here is the guide to buy avalanche safety equipment that will help you to keep you safe during an avalanche.

Avalanche safety courses

Blade size and shape

It is very important that you know what kind of bland size you want. Basically, there are 2 kinds of blade size available in the market: small and big. The small blade size is great for weight but it is not as useful as removing a large amount of snow. Big blade size is ideal for removing dense snow but you really need to put lots more strength. While buying the blade, it is very much important that you know the snow you are going to face.

Weight and durability

While choosing the safety equipment, it is however very important that you choose high-quality equipment with the best materials. If you want a lighter option, then you can go for tempered plastic. They will provide overall strength to your body which also ensures that you are safe in terrain.


The length of the probe plays a very important role. Many people might don’t know this but the shortest length of a probe is 240cm. if you are going for longer probe, then it reduces the likelihood of breaking. This is also made with high-quality that will keep you safe during an avalanche.

Weight and material

While choosing the safety equipment, it is very much important that you choose the right materials. You can go for aluminum which will give you long term benefits. Now, carbon materials are quite popular that can take maximum weight without decreasing the size.

Handle type

It is one of the most features that you need to look while buying a handle. It is very important that you look for a non-slip grip and the suitable length that can fit in your pack. You can also choose T-style grip which is very effective while moving the snow. It is very necessary that you choose the handle according to your comfort and requirement.

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