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Eyebrows That Goes with Your Face Shape



Just like eyeglass, one size never goes with all face shape. You obviously buy eyeglasses or sunglasses just according to your face shape. If you are looking for the perfect eyebrows, it is very important that you choose the shape according to your face shape. Eyebrows play a very significant role in your face. The makeup you are applying is totally somehow depended upon your eyebrows. You have to very careful while shaping your eyebrows. Now, you don’t have to wait for the salon appointment for shaping your eyebrows, you can do it at home. If you are very busy but you don’t have time to go to the market, then you can buy beauty tools supplies online. You can buy different equipment where you can able to shape your eyebrows just according to your face shape. As you might well aware of the fact that there are six types of face shape such as heart, square, round, diamond, long and oval.

Here we’ll talk the shape of the eyebrows that go with your face shape.

Heart shaped face

If you are the one that has a heart-shaped face, then you should go for the rounded or low arched brow. This will go with your face shape perfectly and gives you a clean look. This will also enhance the feminine look on your face and make yours gives you a more natural look.

Diamond shaped face

Do you have wider cheekbone and pointed chin? Then, you have a diamond shaped face. With the harsh feature, make sure that you groom your eyebrows properly before shaping it. Try to go for curved or rounded brow shape which will make the widest part of the chinless wide. This will also create a perfect balance.

Square shaped face

As your square jawline is one of the prominent features of your face shape. Make sure that you adopt the shape that can highlight your broad feature. You can try a rounded shape or low arch with a medium thickness. This will tone down your features and make you look glamorous.

Oval shaped face

Well! You are quite lucky if you have an oval shape face as you can try any shape of the eyebrow that you like. In order, to look the best you should try the soft angled look with a slight arch. Make sure that you choose the one that can give you the overall perfect look.

Long shaped face

If you are the one that has a long face, then you should go for fuller or rounded eyebrow shape. As you face shape is long, then choose the shape of the eyebrow that highlight the special feature in your face. Make sure that you don’t go for little curve eyebrows that will make your face look shorter and more rounded.

Round shaped face

As you face look longer so in order to look at your best, you should go for high arched eyebrows. This will reflect your facial feature and your makeup goes very well. Make sure that you don’t go for round shape eyebrows which will make your face look even more round.