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Exploring Outskirts! TOP 8 One-Day Trips from Vegas!




Las Vegas region offers much charm and glitter for all visitors. Whenever you are going to visit local casinos or Vegas resorts, there are many MUST-SEE places around the city! You shouldn’t miss any of them! Tourists from all over the world come to visit Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon. If you don’t have much time for traveling you can pick one place, the most interesting one, and spend the whole day by exploring that place. Of course, you’d better take an economy class car or van rental in Las Vegas NV for fast and comfort traveling in a big company. Remember, there are many places around Vegas you can reach only by car! Just one day!

  1. Hoover Dam

It takes you about 40 minutes to get there from Vegas

This Dam is a massive construction that is situated along the Colorado River. It was built in 1931 with the help of thousands of workers. This Dam is a symbol of human creativeness. You have a chance to take an excursion along the dam. Usually, this excursion takes you about half of the day but if you don’t have much time you can pay for a short excursion that takes you about 30 minutes. What’s next?

  1. Red Rock Canyon

It takes you about 20 minutes to get there from Vegas

This canyon is one of the most popular places in Nevada. This place is really beautiful, so, don’t even think of missing it! More than 2 million of people come here every year to try cycling, hiking, horse riding, climbing mountains. The road will take you through the beautiful nature places with wild birds, animals. Obviously, you need to spend the whole day here!

  1. Valley of Fire

It takes you about 50 minutes to get there from Vegas

Fire Valley is the oldest and also the biggest park in Nevada. The park is full of old plants and different herbs. It can also boast the biggest and the most impressive collections of old Indian petroglyphs. As far as this is the best place for camping, people take mini-vans to spend a comfortable day outside. You can’t find a better place for hiking, making picnics, taking pictures. If you want to learn more about the history of this place, you can visit the local center to take more information from there. The park welcomes visitors the year round

  1. Charleston Peak

It takes you about 45 minutes to get there from Vegas

This peak is a special and very beautiful place for taking some rest. This is the best place for walking, camping, taking picnics, mountain cycling, and admiring nature. Come here in spring! There is so much to do and to see. Besides, you can take part in one of different educational programs, developed by park holders. If you come here in winter, you can try skiing and snowboarding. You should stay in Lee Canyon Ski & Snowboard popular ski resort.

  1. Clark Heritage Museum

It takes you about 25 minutes to get there from Vegas

Welcome to the huge territory of Nevada’s history. This museum speaks about the glorious past of the country. You can see many old but renewed houses, churches, farm buildings. Also, there is a special exhibition of the state mining industry. It must be very interesting and useful to learn something about natives’ life and households and Nevada’s railway system.

2012 Champ Clark Heritage Festival

  1. Los Angeles

It takes you about 4hours to get there from Vegas

Of course, Las Vegas is the brightest city in Nevada. There is another interesting place you may visit in one day. Welcome to Los Angeles! This is a huge industrial center, full of attractions. You can visit Beverly Hills, admire local skyscrapers, relax in night clubs, and go shopping. This is the right place to meet new people. Planning a family vacation, you can learn cycling, hiking, camping, and other activities outside the city.

  1. Pahrump Adventures

It takes you about an hour to get there from Vegas

What is Pahrump? This is a special camp for adventurers. This huge and desert territory has enough space for walking, cycling, drifting, alpinism training. You can go far to the Spring Lake to try yourself in water sports such as kayaking and boating. Also, you can have an excellent shooting practice here. For those who want to relax, you can visit casino, restaurants, bars, wineries, local festivals.

Rosie's Rock Yard

  1. Zion national Park

It takes you about 2 and a half hour to get there from Vegas

This is the most picturesque place in the West of the USA. Millions of visitors come here every year at any weather. People are ready to explore the deepest canyons, learn new plants, and admire the local landscapes. Also, you can learn about the park history in the research center right here, in the park. How about your time? If you have more free time, you can stay in the park camping and spend your night in nature.

The list of Vegas natural attractions is not full. You can find more than 50 interesting places to visit in Nevada and neighbor states. But you cannot reach any of them without a car. Don’t wait for a comfortable public transportation. It can help you in the city only! So, go to find the best car rental operator right now!