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Exploring Hong Kong



Hong Kong is one of the Chinese administrative regions. It has a magnificent skyscraper which is located in the CBD of the town.

It is a densely populated city and its inhabitants majorly speak Chinese and English. It is economically stable and it is one of the interesting places to visit.

Hong Kong is known for its rich cultural heritage. Therefore, one of the best places to visit is the museums. They are categorized into public and private. Bruce Lee exhibition is a favourite place to explore Chinese culture.

You will get to discover the history behind martial arts that we fancy in their movies. Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront which is being known by its egg-shaped dome has always kept visitors talking about it.

After your daily activities, this is a cool place to watch Chinese documentaries in curved planetarium ceiling.

University Museum and Art Gallery are also one of the oldest museums. It is known for traditional carvings, paintings, and ceramics.

Hong Kong science museum is a hub of knowledge. Tourists interested in exploring scientific knowledge of robotics and molecular chemistry

Despite Hong Kong being densely populated, it is interesting to note that 40% of its land is occupied by parks and green zones. It has a number of country parks, four marine parks, and a reserve.

Therefore, hiking, water sports, and outdoor exploration are common in this areas. Touring Hong Kong without eating their food is like an un-incomplete adventure.

Some of the must-eat dishes are roast pork and goose, Lo Mai Gai, Char Siu and braised pigeon. It is a food paradise.

Fishing is a nice way to stay relaxed and to enjoy nature. It is fun hanging out in Hong Kong’s fishing ground and they provide facilities that you can try out cooking fish. You can tour Blessed villa and Kam Tin country club.

Hong Kong provides wonderful experiences like exploring the world of entertainment and night-life. Kwai Fong has biggest restaurants where you can grab a drink and enjoy their meals. This good place is also ideal for taking a Hong Kong massage after a busy day.

There are a number of sports in Hong Kong. Water sports is common since it is an island. Nevertheless, during the evening you can go for horse racing.

There are several horse racing facilities that are why it was considered to host it in 2008 Olympics.

The variety of arts performance is outstanding here. Music is mostly classical and it has an aspect of Chinese traditional choreography.

They have Hong Kong arts festival on their calendar. Various pop stars visit and local performers display their talents. It is an opportunity to explore Chinese opera and amateur drama.

It has game parks where you can explore wildlife. Many species are found in these parks and it will be fun taking photos here. Marine parks have a rich collection of aquatic animals and plants such as corals and dolphins.

Farmlands are also tourist attraction sites. They usually organize workshops and eco-tours. These activities provide a conducive environment to relax and also learn more about agriculture. Those interest can be given a training on organic farms.


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