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Expert Project Management Tips You Cannot Live Without



Project management is an essential skill to have in today’s market. Whether you work as a professional, run your own home business, or do freelance work for clients, being able to manage projects meticulously is a huge plus.
Project management IS a skill, which means you can develop your ability to manage projects and complete tasks. We spoke to some top project managers in various fields and asked them about the project management tips they always follow. Here are the ones you need to know.

Drive the Tool

A lot of project managers make the mistake of letting the project management tools they use drive their workflows. This is why, in many cases, project management feels complicated and not overly beneficial. What you want instead is the best project management software that suits your workflow perfectly.

Yes, you can make small adjustments and streamline your workflow based on how you use a project management software, but the bigger workflow needs to suit how you work perfectly. Fortunately, today’s top project management software and tools are designed to be flexible.

Digital Kanban boards, for instance, can be adjusted to suit your workflow. Rather than the traditional To Do-Doing-Done, you can have different phases and more steps. You are free to customize the tool you use based on how you want tasks to be completed.

Manage the Team

Another big mistake to make when organizing projects is bad workload management. Just because some members of your team do better jobs than others, this doesn’t mean you can simply assign more tasks to them. You still have to manage the workload of your team to keep every member effective.

Once again, a good project management tool is what you need to implement this tip. When tasks and task assignments are displayed visually, it is much easier to identify the load of each team member. At the same time, transparency among team members can be established.

Team members can offer help when they have fewer tasks to deal with. Members that need certain tasks to be completed before they begin their portion of the work can also offer help to speed up the process. The result is more efficient workload management across the whole project.

Have a Project Lead

When there are multiple projects to deal with, it is also a good idea to assign PICs to them. You don’t have to lead every project you have; asking team members to take ownership of some projects and be more proactive as project leads is a great way to delegate.

You still maintain a bird’s-eye view of the whole business. You can offer help, direct your energy on more important tasks, or even assist team members in completing the tasks they find difficult. Once again, the goal here is higher efficiency in completing tasks and projects.

As an added bonus, you are facilitating the growth of your team members by letting them lead projects. Sure, they will make mistakes, but they will learn from those mistakes and become more valuable team members.

These are all key project management tips to keep in mind. If you enjoyed these tips, be sure to leave a comment and stay tuned for more.