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Everything you need to know before renting a storage unit in Ohio

There are some things you should know before renting a storage unit in Ohio. We have them gathered for you!



So, you’ve decided that you want to move? Have you’ve been wondering where you can start over, and you’ve come to an answer that it’s Ohio? Great, because you’re done with the first step. But, having in mind that this is merely the beginning, there are more decisions to make. And one of them is choosing a good storage unit. So, here’s everything you need to know before renting a storage unit in Ohio.

A storage warehouse.

Ohio – the Big River

Ohio is located on the northeastern edge of the Midwest region. While it’s on the 34th place in terms of surface, it’s on the 7th place in population, of all the states in America. This state that has Lake Eerie on the north, got the name after Ohio river, which is a Seneca word for a big river, or big water. That might help you understand the fact that Ohio has a humid continental climate. Also, choose a location in Ohio that has what you need. If you like tree-lined avenues, a mix of urban and neighborhood feeling, there might be a place for you here, and it’s called Grandview. Also, Grandview has some great storage companies to offer you so that’s definitely a location to consider.

Everything you should know before renting a storage unit in Ohio

When checking the storage options you have available, you’ll find there are short-term and long-term options for keeping your items safe. Whether you are a college student or a professional who needs a place to archive old office files, you can find yourself in need of storage. Also, if you’re moving into a smaller apartment, or you’re waiting for the remodeling to be finished, you’ll need a storage unit.

There are different storage facilities

There are different storage facilities, even within the same company. Be sure that you know what kind of storage you need. Keeping in mind these available options will help you know what you want. Storage facilities can be different in many ways:

  • security
  • temperature
  • customer service
  • other features

And there are also differences between storage companies. That’s why you need to find a good, reliable company.

Containers stacked one on top of another

Not all units are as secure as you think

Did you know that padlocks can be cut with bolt cutters? This basically means that anything you put behind these doors is not as safe as you think. On top of this, the burglars can replace these locks, allowing them access to the unit whenever they want, since they can pretend to be the customers. So, how can you avoid this? By asking some of these questions, so that you can have your peace of mind:

  • You can check with the storage facility if their customers can use padlocks. Also, ask if they’re using the cylinder locks, that have no exposed part that burglars can cut.
  • Check if there are alarms installed on every door of the facility. If someone enters the unit, they will have to ented the special passcode. On an unsuccessful attempt, the alarm will go off.
  • Check if the storage facility has more than a few cameras that cover most of the property. Also, make sure the cameras are on 24/7.

The rent might unexpectedly go up

As a move-in discount, the facility can offer you a lower rent at the beginning. However, after some time, they can raise the rent. Luckily, there is a way to solve this before it actually happens. You can askthe manager if they raise their rates often and if they guarantee they won’t raise the rent. And if you like the answer, ask them to put it in writing, to be on the safe side. If they reject to do this, you’re better off somewhere else.

Before renting a storage in Ohio, consider renting the climate-controlled unit

Ohio has a humid continental climate and you should have that in mind before renting the storage unit in Ohio. The reason being the fact that humidity can damage a lot of materials, like wood, metal, fabrics and electric equipment. You don’t want to find your wooden items warped, mildew in fabric or electronics not functioning. This is why you should consider renting a climate-controlled unit. Within this unit, the temperature and humidity will be consistent and your items will be less likely to get damaged. You should also consider other special features that storage facilities offer.

Humidity on a firm surface

Discounts on moving trucks

When moving, you’ll probably need a moving truck. The good news is that before a storage unit in Ohio, you can ask if the storage facility offers moving trucks for rental. You can always try to lower the price if they won’t offer the truck rental for free. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Consider the insurance

Did you know those storage companies aren’t responsible for the contents of your storage unit? That’s the reason why it’s good to ensure the items that you want to store. Before renting a storage unit in Ohio, the best thing to be to have the costs of storage insurance on your mind. You should also know that when the storage company collects the premium from you, they do it because they have a financial interest. But, before buying this insurance, check with your agent if you’re already covered or not.

Have a plan before renting a storage unit in Ohio

Most people rent a bigger unit than they actually need. Since there are units of different sizes, you should know how big of a unit you need. This way, you won’t have to pay for space you don’t need. And this is especially important if you don’t need frequent access to the unit. Here are a couple of tips on how to organize the items within the unit:

  • Dissemble the items that are able to be dissembled, like beds, wardrobe, tables and other items
  • You should leave a central aisle so that you can have good access to your items
  • If there’s a chance you’ll need some of the items, put them upfront
  • Softer items that can’t be damaged easily go on a pallet, but you should use a protective sheet
  • If you have an extra space in containers, fill it up with packing material

Take your time

Give yourself enough time before renting a storage unit in Ohio. Get all the necessary information, do the calculation, weigh the pros and cons and make an educated choice. Only then, you’ll know that you did your best to make sure your belongings are safe. That’s how you’ll be able to stay focused on other aspects of the moving process. Good luck and enjoy the begging of your new life!