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Everything You Need to Know Before Applying for a Business Loan



A key responsibility of any commercial establishment owner is raising funds whether for starting a new venture or for scaling up the operations of an already existing one. There are various methods to do so like selling equity in the company to investors but a most common way is to apply for business loan with a bank or a financial institution. Let’s take a look at some points which will help prepare an entrepreneur before moving ahead with the application for the purpose.

1. Self-Assessment

A comprehensive and thorough analysis of the financial position of the company as well as yourself needs to be done in order to understand the effect that the debt will have on you as well as your organization. The endowment will help in achieving the purpose it is needed for but a mechanism for the requisite recurring payments needs to be devised and the calculation of personal liquid assets apart from the cash flow evaluation of the firm will give an idea about your capabilities of shouldering the repayment responsibility.

2. Business Plan

The document detailing the expected roadmap of the path your enterprise wants to take for achieving the stated business goals is extremely important for getting the intended funds. Your business plan gives the lender an insight into your organization and its method of operation apart from its feasibility which are essential factors for taking the correct decision. A precise but detailed blueprint highlighting your efficiency and professionalism will go a long way in impressing the potential financier.

3. Good Credit Score

Generally, lending institutions want to ensure that the applicant is a trustworthy and dependable individual, capable of paying back the given amount. An instrument in the form of credit score has been devised for this purpose which is based on the person’s credit history and utilization. Banks tend to shy away from clients that have either defaulted or were not prompt in repaying the installments of an earlier debt or are already in the process of returning back a substantial loan.

4. Financial Statements

The documents related to compliances- personal as well as the enterprise’s must be maintained and stored as they may be demanded for cross-checking of your claims of financial health. Tax returns, balance sheets and profit and loss statements are just some of the things that may be asked of an owner in order for processing of the application. Those looking for such endowments for starting a business will need to provide their personal tax returns apart from bank statements with the application.

5. Purpose Of The Loan

The requirement that led you to apply for business loan must be clearly reported to the financier. It must be evident to the financial institution that you are completely sure about the path that you intend to take and therefore provide a detailed list of the equipment or any other utility that will be purchased with the grant along with a quotation or any other document supporting the estimation. Moreover, give an overview how the new project is going to earn revenue which will be used for repayment.

6. Assets For Collateral

A tangible physical and valuable asset like property or a piece of equipment/ machinery may be required in order to secure the loan and identify one or more such items to present for inspection when asked for. Institutions ask for such belongings so in case of defaulting, they can be sold off for recovering the loaned amount. There are schemes that help small entrepreneurs in obtaining loans free from any collateral requirements and it will be wise to check for them before approaching a lender.

7. Right Lender

The relationship between the organization that grants the money and yourself will be along standing one and if both parties find it to be mutually beneficial can be extended for future plans too. It is therefore wise to choose an appropriate financier by taking into consideration all the official factors like terms and conditions and the installment amount and repayment period besides other things like receptiveness to your business idea.

8. Terms And Conditions

It will be wise to know about the policy of a bank regarding such grants and their settlement before approaching it for funds. In fact, research the terms and conditions and the costs and payments structure of various entities before identifying one which is most appropriate for your requirements. Gather information from other business owners who have availed such facilities and make your judgment after carefully assessing all the data.

9. Hire An Accountant

The multitude of documents required apart from the fact that all personal and company finances must be in order require the presence of an expert. Invest in engaging a competent accounting professional who will assist you in meeting all the regulatory compliance requirements and maintenance of the financial records so that you are assured of speedier processing of the application.


Borrowings of this nature require diligent maintenance of personal as well as the commercial organization’s financial details besides the observation of best practices and these tips will provide needful assistance to any person looking to apply for business loan.