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Everything You Need to Know About NordVPN



In this digital age, technology has entered every part of our lives. A VPN provides security and masks your IP address, but apart from all the add-ons and smart features, it is now an incumbent to protect yourself from intruders and experience freedom on the internet.

You are now more prone to cyber security threats when someone is trying to access your computer. Mostly people assume that the purpose of a VPN is just to access blocked content, however, it goes beyond that. Here we will take you through NordVPN review to further understand what it offers.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN allows you to browse anonymously and securely at an affordable price. They use OpenVPN tunneling protocol and AES 256-bit encryption (with double data protection). In this VPN review, we give a look at the amazing features offered by NordVPN.

NordVPN on its official website claims to be the World’s Most Advanced VPN. But we have heard similar claims by other providers as well. So we reviewed NordVPN and put it through multiple tests.

1. Strong Features & Add-Ons

Despite being cheap, they do offer great features including:

  • IP hiding
  • Unblocking Netflix
  • Kill-switch allows user to choose if to close a specific app or completely terminate the Internet connection in case of unforeseen dropout
  • It supports 6 simultaneous connections
  • Its also provides access to DoubleVPN servers which encrypts data twice
  • It has Servers 4870+ and growing
  • It has servers in 64 countries

Other features of NordVPN include:

Kill Switch: The software automatically kills your connection if the VPN connectivity is interrupted.

DNS Leak Protection: NordVPN has imposed measures to secure you and defend from such DNS leaks, which can lead to privacy issues.

Onion Over VPN: For increased protection, its offers you the ability to route your traffic first through their VPN and then send it to the Onion Router.

SmartPlay: SmartPlay technology enables you can access over 400 geo-restricted streaming services obviously including Netflix.

Double Data Protection

If you want to turn this feature on, NordVPN’s double encryption will relay your data via two VPN servers, before it goes to the web page or application you’re trying to access. By chaining your connection through two VPN servers, your data is encrypted two times.

2. Located in Panama

NordVPN was launched in 2008 in Panama where cyber laws are very lenient, which means the company is safe from strict cyber laws and anonymity issues. The best services are located in independent countries that don’t share information on logging and NordVPN is one of them.

3. Strict No Logging Policy

As mentioned on their website, the company has no logging policy. This means that it doesn’t not store any information related to users browsing and download history.

4. Great for Torrenting and Netflix

Having a lot of servers they also work great with torrenting and bypassing geo-restrictions on certain sites like Netflix. When I tested NordVPN together with Netflix, it seemed to work. Not all server connected during our testing and 4 out of 5 worked.

NordVPN has created special “P2P servers” that are dedicated for keeping your torrenting activities safe and private. The P2P servers can be accessed through “specialty” servers list on their application.

5. NordVPN Speed Has Improved a Lot

To measure how good NordVPN is at securing your traffic, I conducted several dozen-speed tests and tried different servers. The tests showed varying results but all were impressive. I tested servers in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia.

My base connection was of 100Mbps and when I tested their server in Australia, I received the following result. The speed dropped to 74.15Mbps, but that’s not bad considering a VPN usually slashes 20 to 30 percent of your network speeds.

6. No IP or DNS Leaks Found

When reviewing VPNs take multiple tests to see if they’re leaking your DNS or IP. To check for leaks, I used two sites and The results were good as there were no IP leaks. Likewise, it’s built-in DNS leak protection worked perfectly.

Overall, I can be relaxed that your IP nor DNS will likely never get leaked when using NordVPN. Furthermore, when I did a Chrome extension leak test, NordVPN was one of the very few services that didn’t need to fix.

7. Helpful Customer Support via Live Chat


You can contact NordVPN by emailing to [email protected] or through live chat. Simply contact them on email and enquire about any queries that you may have, they have knowledgeable staff that is more than happy to help you in any regard concerning the technicalities of the service.

Live Chat & Email

Being the best, NordVPN has lately begun offering 24/7 live chat that will help you with any question you may have. We have chatted with them twice and both the times the support was instant!



It has a knowledge base where many questions are answered from minor to major issues and will show you support articles for assistance. For a topic that is technical as networking, making it accessible to a common person is no small task.

Do We Recommend NordVPN?

Yes! It’s protected, safe and fast. Also it doesn’t come with a huge learning curve as some other VPNs like TorGuard or AirVPN. Among various VPN reviews, they have the largest number of server with over 4870+ servers in 60+ countries, allowing you to access any blocked website from anywhere.

So is NordVPN worth it? It definitely is!