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Everything you Need to Know About Bunded Pallets



Bunded pallets are the drip trays used in the safe storage world which is smartly created to match storage requirements; it offers a safe, submissive storage solution for hazardous liquids and non-dangerous substances and most importantly is required by legislation. These are a major requirement in the storage industry. There are simple guidelines produced by the Environment Agency which must be complied with providing safe and effective storage resolution for the required businesses.

What are bunded pallets

A normal portable bunded pallet has around 240 liters suitable for drums and bottles, holding capacity going up to 1000 liters and beyond too, with a formed internal draining floor and structured platform. It is used for safe and protected storage of clean and waste oil, bulk fuels, chemicals and other hazardous liquids.

Each pallet should be capable of holding the drums in an appropriate manner. Its proper usage will ensure correct storage of drums without the spread of liquids to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. They are the health makers of any industry.

How to know which bunded pallet to buy?

Market is filled with different types of bunded pallets. Depending on the utility; one could decide what type of pallets to buy. Some of the major categories are – 2 Drum Poly Spill Pallet, 4 Drum Poly Slim Line Spill Pallet with Drain, Steel Spill Pallet, Hardcover Drum Bund etc.

While designing the pallets there are certain points considered viz about the durability construction, if it is weather resistant and oil resistant, if cleaning can be done easily and naturally, moveable, completely sealed, compliant with legislation, usage of strong plastic etc.

There are few other points one should consider while buying bunded pallet – one needs to decide how many drums are you looking for storing on these pallets and this you can decide by looking at your workplace. Secondly, have a close check on the substance that is contained in the drum as you want the pallet to carry your material safely and without any leakage.

More importantly, you will need to consider where is the bunded pallets been stored, because if you are placing it outdoor then you will need bunded pallet with a lid to ensure weather does not affect the authenticity of the bunded pallet, for example, if there is rainwater collected on the pallet then there will be trouble containing the spill and leakages. One needs to watch at the material they are made of and must be sturdy and robust in nature.

Why will I need it?

Depending on the type of businesses like factories, shops, offices, hotels, schools, public building, hospitals etc. requirement of bund pallets is different everywhere, for instance, some business may think the liquid or substance they store are not dangerous hence in that case they don’t require pallets for storage. However, it is important to store the liquids in bunded pallets for below reasons:

  • The time invested to clean a spill can be reduced because the spill is contained within the pallet, there is no need to use anything else to manage the spill. Easy go spill man!
  • Secondly, the most important factor is that it will protect both workers and the surrounding from being in contact with the hazardous or non-hazardous liquids that are stored in the drums. This means there will not be harm caused to the employees as well as the atmosphere.

Accidents can always come as a surprise, even with our smallest mistake hence it is very important to have the right containment to avoid the hostile phenomenon that can turn into revolting and expensive tremor. Hence, it’s mandatory to conduct a routine inspection to ensure maintenance of the integrity of the pallets also to ensure everything is as per the standards laid down by the legislation.


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