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Enhance Your Food Packaging by Using Gable Boxes

Gable boxes can enhance food packaging because of their convenience handle, unique shape, better size options, and eco-friendly, recyclable, and health-friendly nature.



Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are new innovative boxes used especially for the packaging of food items. These boxes are made up of the paper board, stock paper, cardboard, and the most loved Kraft paper. It has a unique shape that looks like a bag from the top and is a box at the bottom. It comes with a cutout handle that makes it easy to carry around with the food.


Every product needs a packaging that represents the product and also helps in understanding the concept behind the company in the most effective way. Initially, packaging was done to contain and protect the product but with time the purpose of packaging shifted towards marketing and advertising of the company, grab customers’ attention and create a professional brand image.

Different products demand different services from packaging boxes as clothes packaging must be different from food packaging because of the difference in the nature and type of both. Food packaging needs to be of sturdy material that can keep the product safe inside the boxes because food items are delicate and can easily be messed up if fall or get hit by anything. The material used for food packaging must be health-friendly and resistant to abrasion.

Custom boxes for food packaging

Kraft gable boxes by Thecustomboxes are specially made to pack food products. Paperboard and cardboard gable boxes are also available in the market but the kraft paper boxes are high in demand because it is the most eco-friendly, moisture-resistant if coated in wax or laminated, and sturdy enough to provide the necessary protection.

Unique design

These boxes are used for almost most of the food packaging because of its convenient shape in uncountable ways:

• The cut out handle at the top makes it easy to carry the box without the fear of damaging the food
• It can fit every size of the meal easily
• This specific shape allows a secure placing on the surface
• You can carry hot food without burning your hands
• The flat box-like base can carry coffee cups and bottles easily without any mess or falling

Their unique and comfortable usage has increased the popularity of these boxes in the food industry.


These boxes are highly printable which helps in creating custom boxes that advertise and market your company free of cost. White gable boxes with a bold logo or elegant symbols give a perfectly royal look to the boxes that increase the worth of the brand and food you are providing. Kraft paper gable boxes are brown by default because kraft paper is not bleached during the process of manufacturing. These brown boxes have their vintage vibe if elegant logos are printed with black or white ink. Large gable boxes with window cut-out divert all the attention towards the product inside the box and give a very stylish and trendy feel to these boxes.


These boxes have made their mark in unique shapes, custom designs, and functionality without a slight doubt. Besides all these amazing qualities these boxes are highly recyclable and eco-friendly which makes them a favorite child of all the companies that need packaging for their products.

Non-ecofriendly packaging like plastic has caused a lot of damage to the Earth in different ways. Non-biodegradable packaging is responsible for the death of thousands of wild and marine animals. It leaves a lot of toxic waste that pollutes the air and water, making it unfit as a healthy environment. To stop these destruction companies have switched to eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. Getting these gable boxes in wholesale makes them cheaper because of the larger quantity. It is every business’s priority to get boxes that are attractive, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.