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Emerging Web development trends in 2019



Developing a website would take a lot of intellectual ideas as well as a creative thing. From the date of creating the Internet, it has been nothing short of high importance in our daily life and the activities related to it. Everyone knowingly or unknowingly will use it. Hence, the development of websites for everything inclusive of nothing is highly necessary.

Designs that is highly responsive

Though responsive designs are not one major design development of 2019, it still is a very important one that needs to be discussed. Mobile phone users have become as high as surpassing the usage of desktops even.

Responsive websites are much more important than creating a different kind of websites suitable for desktops, mobile phone sites and much more.

Responsive websites have the same copy of images, elements in its each page. The only variation will be in its size which will vary based upon the devices that you use.


Interactions with the users are highly effective and also are a better way to improve your website. All you have to do is to create a pop-up chat somewhere on your website and boom, there you go reading and answering your user’s queries and problems.

Such chat windows mean that any visitor with a question can have it immediately answered. But for many other websites, to have someone to assist the users at any time of the day is somewhat difficult as well as challenging.


 Videos requiring auto play are really out of the game right now, but that doesn’t completely mean that your website has to be completely normal and stable. By adding some simple movements to your website you can thus enhance it. The animations really do bring out content if created with proper and related sense.

Many of the websites are currently adding up animations to their websites in a creative manner. Do keep in mind that the animation that you create does not overlook the information that you present. Good animation is that one which attracts the eye of the user but, not too much and distract them from the content which you have provided them.  It’s in the different types of web design trends that make your website a little more engaging and adds some flavor to it.


When it comes to the terms of user engagement, micro interactions take up a higher notch. Basically, these animations are based on what the user does on that page and what they look for. If you look keenly, a website changing when you mouse over a particular spot, or an animation that is spiked by scrolling down then, those are micro-interactions.

Such features created a positive user experience as they hand the user’s power over what they see as they interact with your website.  Knowing your actions shape up the designs right in front of you is not good but indeed a great feeling; per se. Micro-interactions are becoming more common around the web nowadays thus, by making it one of the most popular trends of 2019.

Reality-based illustrations

Creating stock photography is extremely easy just like a walk on the cake. But, in the recent app development trends, it really doesn’t add any personality to your profile and that must really be taken into account seriously.

Though one can never ever go wrong with original illustrations and thus many website owners are turning up into original illustrators nowadays. Like everything else customized illustrations too come at a cost as the artists that create them have to be paid for the works done by them.

Right from the way you want something to be discussed up to the different kind of colors that you would like to add will be done with ultimate perfection. A good artist not only will add some color to your website but also will give life to it.


Everything changes as the day pass by. The only constant thing is change and it’s no wonder that even the internet and websites go through some changes. Nowadays, web designers are starting to shift their website designs more towards softer and much rounder edges.


Choosing a unique font is an easy way to add some personality to your website and make it stand out a bit more among all the other websites. Fonts are part of a website that many visitors do not really notice, but you can use your font choice to add some additional style to your website and draw more attention to important words. Many a time, the strangeness and stylishness in the fonts would not only look good on your website but, would also attract many non-readers to at least skim through it.

Visualization of Data

The word big data has been a buzzword for a few years now and finally, many businesses in all industries have started to see how they give shape to one’s business. Maybe, but most certainly, it is just a matter of time before the data on the tools makes its way into the web designing world.

Almost, many website owners are incorporating data visualization into their design frame and in some cases, it becomes a part of the main website, while in others, they launch separate sites to enhance the valuable data.

In whichever case, data visualization becomes a part of the story the brand tells.