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Easy ways to save money and become a debt-free homeowner



You must have heard of the famous saying ” home is where the heart is.” Having a place on your own which you can call your home is a dream for almost everyone. It gives a sense of security and achievement to have secured a permanent roof over the heads for oneself and family. Financially speaking, having a house can take quite a chunk of money. Therefore, it is only logical that you take home loans to fulfill your dream. This prevents you from fluffing your saving on a single particular venture and allow you to make the payments at a monthly pace. Though this sounds mightily convenient, the monthly investments too can start bothering you unless you have a plan in place. You can work out your mortgage loans as soon as possible so that you can get a better perspective of the monthly payments that you need to make.

You should always keep one thing in mind, the faster you pay off your home loan, the lesser interest you have to pay, and the difference between your principal amount and settlement amount won’t be too much. There are many banks as well as private organizations that give you home loans so don’t rush into it and do your proper research so that you know which platform offers you the best deal. You can even consider bargaining on your interest rates, provided you have a good credit score to show for it. A few of the effective steps to pay off your loan fast and become the owner of the house of your dreams have been discussed below.

Maximize the down payment

Whenever you take a loan and want to pay off your mortgage, the first or the initial amount that you clear is called the down payment. If you ask any reputed financial advisor and debt settler like dmb financial about it, they will always tell you that you should pay a large amount as the down payment, the maximum that you can afford at that moment of time. Giving the maximum down payment has a lot of advantages.

It gives you a psychological edge as you know that a large part of the debt is cleared. The interest amount reduces as it is calculated on the remaining amount. It also helps you repay the loan faster, and the transfer of the ownership of your house to your name also becomes faster. All these reasons should be convincing enough to pay the maximum amount as possible as your down payment.

Consolidate your current debt

If you have too many loans to repay, including your home loan, it is always a better idea to consolidate all your loans into one big loan. You can take the loan from one single organization and pay off all the others and then you can concentrate on relaying this single consolidated loan.

This decreases your total interest amount as well and gives you a clear idea of the total amount you have to pay to be clear of all kinds of debts. Thus, consolidation always helps.

Rectify and leverage your credit score

Your credit score is very important when you apply for a loan for your home. Your credit score determines the interest rates that will be charged for your total mortgage. Having a healthy credit score of 700 or above gives you leverage to negotiate about the interest rates and reputed organizations identify you as potentially favorable customers and will be more adamant about giving you the loan.

Thus, if you feel your credit score is not good enough to garner such attention, sit down and analyze and make rectifications so that your credit score becomes more respectable and a suitable loan becomes easier to get.

Have a backup plan

In case you have a steady financial income and pay the monthly installments quite easily, paying off your mortgage becomes relatively easy. Sometimes, it may happen that things don’t go your way and something unfortunate befalls you, making you incapable of paying off your loans that conveniently.

Always keep a backup plan ready for unforeseen circumstances. Find another alternate source of income, cut down your expenses for the month, save wherever you can, get more than one job, do whatever it takes to keep paying your home loan so that your dream continues to flourish.

In case you keep these points in mind, calling that place under loan your own won’t be a really long time away.