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Easy Photo Printing with the Photojaanic App



Do you have a large collection of memories, moments and pretty pictures of the funny, silly, iconic variety, tucked away in your phone galleries or your desktop? Well, if you do and you’ve ever thought about getting them framed or printed, then be thankful that you live in the digital age because you can just download the Photojaanic App – a personalised photo frames app in India that makes the whole process of getting customised prints much easier.

The app is perfect for those of you who could never seem to find the time and are swamped with busy schedules don’t fancy going all the way to the photo studio to get the prints themselves. All you have to do is install the app and the entire process of creating customised prints is as easy (if not easier) than shopping online.

The app is a simple, fuss-free and quality solution to getting hard prints of your photographs and that takes barely five minutes of your time. Whether you’re looking to create a family portrait, put together your vacation photographs, or create personalised fridge magnets, it’s got you covered. More than that, here you can also find photo gift ideas for your loved ones.

Its user-friendly, minimalistic interface makes it extremely easy to use and even the most technologically challenged individuals would find it hard to screw up! It’s got a bunch of ready-made templates at your disposal, customisable to your taste and preferences.

The app offers convenience for photo printing and creating customised, printable designs, where customers can do it all in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the product(s)

The app gives you several options you can choose for your photos: photo books, prints, home décor, photo-magnets and notebooks. You can customise your choice with the options available – by picking the appropriate size, template and theme.

2. Upload your photos

You can choose to upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, or your gallery phone. This feature makes it really convenient for users to choose photos from any channel(s) they want.

3. Edit and arrange

You have the option to do basic editing (cropping and positioning), as well as arranging your photos. Check out the preview of what it will look like before you place your order.

Once you’re happy with it, place the order by selecting the “proceed” option and filling in your details!

And that’s it! That’s as easy as it gets, isn’t it? The beauty of it is you can do this no matter where you are (so long as you have a secure connection!). It’s easy, convenient and requires almost no effort on your part! Once the photographs are printed they will be delivered right to your given address.

Sounds good? Have a look at the website and blog at for more information about the best photo-printing services in India.

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