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Easy Food Items that You Must Include In Your Dinner Party



Sometimes cooking foods for your guest seems to be a challenging task. You surely don’t know about your guests taste buds but it’s your responsibility to serve them the best dinner of their life. Planning a dinner party in your home is not an easy task because there are so many things you need to consider. You need to decide different food items that will satisfy your guest’s taste bud. If you are hosting a great dinner party then your guests surely don’t want to leave your home early. You might be searching the Internet to get a perfect recipe for successful dinner parties but you end up making something different. You should also consider making some healthy food items so that you can impress your health-conscious guests.

While hosting any party you should always make sure that you make an awesome dinner recipe so that you can impress your guests. If you don’t have time to prepare a dinner item then you can hire a nice catering company. If you are staying in Melbourne then you are very lucky because catering in Melbourne offers you the best food items at an affordable price. But if you are all set to impress your guests with your home cooked food, then we have listed down the list of food items that you must include in your dinner party.

Potato Salad

Your dinner party is incomplete without salad. You should definitely consider your health-conscious guest’s taste bud. You can prepare potato salad which is easy and quick. You can also make traditional style potato salad with a little twist. You can also mix up different flavors and ingredients at the same time. This super quick recipe will surely help you to satisfy your guest’s taste buds.

Lemon Chicken

This is the perfect recipe for non-vegetarian lovers. You should always make sure that your chicken is tender and juicy. There are so many options for making a delicious chicken but lemon chicken is something that will delight your guests. Your guest wouldn’t be able to resist coming back for this lemon recipe.


This is one of the easiest recipes and your guests are going to love this. This mouth-water is loved by all age group and this will also satisfy every vegetarian and meat lovers. You should add this incredible recipe and it will satisfy your guest’s craving. One thing that you need to make sure is that you have complete control upon its flavors and ingredients.

Grilled Salmon

This recipe will give your guests a royal feel. You should make sure that you marinate the salmon before your guests arrive. Due to its beautiful color, it will surely attract your guest’s attention. This dish will make your dinner party memorable and your guests are going to love this recipe.


If your guests love Italian dish then you should definitely go for this one. Pasta is made with simple ingredients which will satisfy your guest buds. If you feel like not making anything but still want to serve the best dinner then pasta is the best choice.


We all love pizza and you must include this in your dinner party. Kids and adults are going to love this. Pizza is very easy and quick to prepare where you can play with different ingredients. This can serve with different sauces where you can satisfy your guest’s taste buds.


Lasagna is going to a game changer for your dinner party. There are so many good reasons to add this in your dinner menu. This is layered with cheese, noodles, and sauces. Everybody is going to appreciate you for this. This makes a huge batch so you can eat leftover throughout the week.


This is a perfect menu to add to your dinner party. Risotto has the capacity to blow everyone’s mind and satisfy your guest’s taste bud. This incredibly, vibrant and extremely tasty risotto will surely become the center of attraction at your dinner party. You can combine this dish with fish or a few other ingredients.

Lobster Mac & Cheese

This is the perfect dinner menu for a winter night. We all love lobster and combining this with mac and cheese is going to be the game changer. Your guests are going to love this. All you need to do is marinate lobster overnight so that it can get all the necessary flavors.


This mouth-watering delight is going to blow your guest’s mind. Before making grilled pork chop you should marinate pork with different spices. The best part is you can serve this with brown rice or red wine. This perfect dinner recipe is very easy and quick to prepare.

Chicken Popcorn

Chicken popcorn is the perfect appetizer for your dinner party. Chicken popcorn is very easy to prepare and your guests are going to love it.  You can prepare this full of spices and fried to perfection. Kids and adults will be very happy when you serve them this. You need to make sure that you use boneless chicken.

Fish Stew

You should never forget your health-conscious guest. Fish stew with roasted garlic is going to impress your health conscious guests. You can serve this with classic fish or a tomato slice. If you want to add more flavors then you can go for saffron and this will bring out a wonderful color. Make sure that you use the best quality of saffron.

Strawberry Snow

Your dinner menu is incomplete without beverages. Strawberry snow is going to be the showstopper of the evening. This is topped with strawberry and whipped cream. This will give you a perfect balance between sweet and sour which will delight your guests. You can add different flavors like tequila or Cointreau to make it more delicious.