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Duties and Qualities of An Expert Plumber




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A plumber is a qualified professional who is responsible for carrying out different kinds of functions like the diagnosis, repair and installation of your home or office plumbing systems. The plumbing system comprising of various pipes is responsible for the distribution of air, gas and water in a property. Plumbers are needed to be called whenever there is any disruption in these systems. A reputed and experienced plumbing expert is knowledgeable about the safety standards and building regulations in your locality and carries out his functions in adherence to the rules and regulations. Starting from testing leakages in pipes, construction of new pipe systems, fitting, cutting, threading, measuring pipes, etc are the various works done by plumbers.

What does a Plumber do?

Here are some of the common tasks that professional plumbers take care of:

  • They place draining systems and pipe connections according to the architect’s plan.
  • They install plumbing equipment to supply, distribute and dispose of wastewater or water in a systematic way.
  • They handle fittings of bathrooms and kitchen sinks.
  • They repair the sanitation systems.
  • They prepare, adjust and measure the pipes and place them using the required power tools.
  • They ensure that all pipes are connected and sealed properly so that there is no leakage.
  • They place pipes under the flooring or inside the walls and give openings wherever required.
  • They repair and install water disposal systems, ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.
  • The plumber is also responsible to instruct their customers for proper maintenance and care of the plumbing systems and components.
  • They clean the drains and remove any obstructions stuck inside the sewage pipes.

Qualities to look for in a Plumber:

Now that you have a problem with your plumbing system and you are planning to call a plumber, we will tell you what qualities you should look for in a professional:

  • Simplicity of communication: A plumber hired should communicate with you in an easy language that you can understand, without using any technical terminology. They should give you the information, tasks needed to be done and price quotes orally and in writing so that there is no scope for sudden surprises about prices later.
  • Efficient work delivery: They should be able to work in a fast-pace which is possible if they are able to plan and prioritise their activities in an efficient and timely way. This will save you as well as the expert’s time. Whether they are working individually or as a team, they should be able to handle work pressure and complexities well.
  • Latest skills: The plumber team should be equipped with excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. They should be able to diagnose and complete tasks in a reliable manner. If there are any repair or replacement issues in your plumbing systems, they should be able to provide you with alternative solutions with expertise.
  • Compliances: They should make sure that all the operations they are carrying out comply with the required safety standards. They should be wearing the required safety gear to keep the environment safe for all. Such safety equipment and gear include helmets, work boots, anti-dust breathing masks, safety glasses; etc will also ensure health and safety of the plumber professionals.
  • Insurance coverage: They should be creative and imaginative enough to solve your plumbing problems efficiently and suggest possible solutions. They should carry complete insurance and licensing to protect you in case of a sudden event.

By now you must have gathered a decent knowledge about the duties of a plumber and what qualities you should look for while hiring one. Ensure that you choose a team which has long experience and offers great customer care services.

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