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Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Blogging



Effective search engine optimization comprises a number of techniques and link building is one of the essentials. Guest blogging is an ingredient to create natural links and for this very reason, blogging is getting more and more popularity these days.

Undoubtedly, this method increases the reach of your blog and adds authority to your website, but before joining this bandwagon you need to understand the strategy and norms related to it.

If you think, guest blogging is nothing more than writing an article and getting it published in a host’s blog by adding few links to it; then you are completely wrong.

There are a number of does and don’ts about the process of guest blogging that you need to know.

Author’s Do’s and Don’t

Before you start writing a blog, make it sure that the landing pages are perfect. Your readers want to have more information about the site. So, the links that will be placed on the blog must take the readers to the right pages and the web content should be answering the queries.

Incomplete ‘About’ page and ‘Contact’ page is a big mistake and even harmful for your website as the visitors will go away due to lack of detail.

Try to look for niche blogs, which are famous and have good authority. This will help to get more visibility as you will gain Google juice from the host’s blog. Avoid blogs with multi themes or those that hardly relate to the subject of your article.

Do not stuff your article with more than two links and you better not put any affiliate links as well.

When you are approaching the blog owner through the mail, try to be polite because you do not want to face a rejection.

Blog Owners Do’s and Don’t

The first step of a blog owner is to ask for a sample from the writer before publishing the blog on your site. The reason for the writers to approach your site is due to the quality and authority that you have built by publishing good blogs. So, before you blindly put the article in the air, judge its quality.

Your blogging site should have some yardstick. Make it sure that the writers follow that and approach you accordingly. In case you find any contradictory blogs, do not publish it; rather ask the writer to review it.

It’s not necessary for all the blogs to have the same pattern of communication. If you get quality and well-researched blog, publish it as that will draw more readers to your site. However, if you still want to maintain a consistency, set up a style guide and get exact blogs as per stated.

The host’s blog should have all the social networking icons in the website that will help the readers to share the article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

This will benefit both the host as well as the writers to get traffic to their website.

Guest blogging should have a framework that can build a strong online reputation among the bloggers in the virtual world.