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Done With Your Bachelor’s Degree – What’s Next?

Students globally, after done with graduation are clueless about what to do next? The global certification industry is ready with professional credentials to offer.



Education Graduation

Graduating can be a little overwhelming at first, as you don’t know what to do next in life? Simply too many options pop up before you in terms of taking a path in life to follow.

Some graduates opt to get into an internship or a full-time job straight away, while others plan on taking a master’s course to further elevate their knowledge in the subject.

Many others may decide to go traveling the world. You have multiple life-defining streams to choose from.

To help those seeking full-time jobs right after their graduation, the global certification industry has emerged as a savior. It is offering highly valuable professional certifications that ramp up your chances of landing a job.

Let’s Discuss the Pros and Cons Associated with Selecting a Path Post Graduation

Getting into an Internship

Associated Boons:

  • Being an intern will help you gain work experience with no long-term commitments. If you happen to like the job, you will perform exceptionally well, which may get rewarded with a full-time job.
  • Even if you don’t like the internship or the work associated with the same, you get to network among industry professionals. You meet intellectual people from whom you receive life-altering advice.

The Banes:

  • There are companies out there that will try to take advantage of your situation by exploiting you with a huge workload, thus ensuring free labor. In return for the work submitted, they may pay you less than the minimal.
  • You might feel trapped in an environment where you work the hardest but get almost nothing in return. This way, you may lose interest in your work instead of learning things with optimal enthusiasm.

Entering the Workforce with a Full-Time Job at Hand

The Boons Associated:

  • You get to know and understand the real-life application of all the theories you read and learned during your graduation years.
  • One gets a taste of the professional work duties and learns valuable business-oriented skills. You get to test your knowledge gained in college years and identify what all is still needed to be learned. You can also gauge your future career path alongside.
  • You start to earn your ROI in the form of remunerations, which further helps you pay your education debts. Moreover, you quickly gain work experience starting early.
  • Best credentialing companies of the world are coming up to the aid of fresher job-seekers by offering them job-specific digital credentials.

The Bitter Banes:

  • Finding a full-time job of your dreams is a tough nut to crack, given the amount of competition that exists in the job marketplace wherein you will also be competing with those having a master’s degree.
  • One might feel too comfortable too soon after getting a full-time job straight away after graduation. As the paychecks start dropping every specific time duration, you refrain from taking risks in life, even when unhappy at your work.

Enrolling Yourself Up in a Master’s Degree

The Boons:

  • One usually earns more in remunerations post master’s and therefore, can be considered worthy of investing time into.
  • Studying in a master’s program allows you to dive deep into a subject, thus widening your knowledge bank.
  • Taking a master’s course lets you focus more seriously on your future goals.
  • Having a master’s degree to your name can help you travel internationally for work.

The Banes:

  • More student debt to take advanced education can burden you sometimes.
  • It can adversely affect your finances. Even if you ignore the tuition fee involved, you will not be earning anything during the time you pursue your master’s.
  • If further studies can help you take somewhere you have desired for, then it’s worth the time and capital investment. Otherwise, it’s illogical to go for a master’s course.

Taking a Year’s Gap

The Pros:

  • It will provide you the time to think about what path to take in life on professional, as well as personal front.
  • A decision that develops over time to shift to a completely new location might prove to be life-changing in the long term. It will help you gain a new focus and perspective in life.
  • Opting to study further, or getting into a full-time job doesn’t allow you time to develop a future-strategy. By taking a gap, you can freely think about the next best thing to do in life.

The Cons:

  • A year without robust financial security in place might prove to be painful for many people.
  • Some people travel until the savings are fully gone, and till the time they can afford to. This is going to hurt them eventually.

The Bottom Line

It’s eventually your call at the end of the day. There does not exist a right or wrong answer to the question. Besides, whatever decision you take, just be informed that it’s not irreversible. You are never too late to change your path and start on to a new journey altogether. Keep a goal in mind to reach to, and freely take a step forward towards its realization.

Ariaa Reeds is a professional writer who curates articles for a variety of online publications. She has extensive experience writing on a diverse range of topics including business, education, finance, travel, health and technology.