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Do You Really Think; Excessive Reading Can Damage Your Vision?



Do You Really Think; Excessive Reading Can Damage Your Vision

The label of the brainy bookworm in prescription safety glasses can be more than just a schoolyard myth. Researchers have studied that the children who spend their lot of time just noses in books, maybe they are damaging their eyes. The scientist studied Singapore children that have age between seven to nine for two years. They found that children who read more than two books each day, they were prone to myopia or shortsightedness.

Is excessive reading harmful to the eyes?

For people who love reading like you can say they are addictive. You can’t help them out but read all day and night even you would wish you can get more than 24 hours to read every day. You can use the right word addiction that is more satisfying. Maybe you have heard that excess of everything is bad for health. But in this case, a lot of reading can impact your vision. You can wear reading RX safety glasses as a simple solution to save eyes from any hazards effect. No wonder in reading activity, the visual focus is involved in constant reading. From many centuries, pop culture and of course media has portrayed bookworms like boring inexpensive prescription eyewear with the possible thickest lenses option.

Is there any truth with it?

The brief answer to this question is simply no after a lot of searches. One thing excessive reading even more than 24 hours is not dangerous for your eyes. It is not harmful even to look at one specific point for an extended time period.

What should you do with this habit?

Your reading habit is about how much time you sit to sank in books. Basically, your reading posture is involved in a reading habit, nature of the device you have, a distance of your eyes from a book or device, and light is also involved under you read. One of the main reasons behind the bad factor of developing eyesight related problems is rarely blinking. The eyes blinking is a condition that is similar to digital vision in which you deprived your eyes of rest and your eyes muscle need this break from time to time. This is the fact that your book or any device is very close to your eyes. It becomes difficult to focus on an object if they are very far from your eyes. Anyhow, it can be a temporary problem. You can use 3m safety glasses for reading and can enjoy tiredness reading.

Suppose, if you spend four or five years just to stare at your book or device that is very close to your eyes, very hectic way for eyes. You will feel a blurry image for a while even after wearing prescription glasses. But if you are enjoying your reading habit in the dim light. You will feel difficulty in adjusting your vision in brighter light. So, you must make sure, you have to give enough break between each chapter or after some time. You can wear Rx safety glasses with bifocals for both vision farsighted and nearsighted that can easily blink and change the eyes focus. But if don’t want to book down and want to go shopping, just order designer glasses online from any online store.

Below here some common myths that are related to reading and vision:

  • Reading under low light can make your eyesight worse: when you were young, maybe someone told you that don’t try to read in the dark because can damage your vision. Someone has a habit of hiding their lights under the blankets, they can have the minor effect of eyestrain but permanent damage cannot hold.
  • Reading with eyeglasses will make you more dependent over them: according to this myth, you are getting used to of your eyes to see more clearly with safety eyewear or any contact. That thing will make your vision worse if you don’t wear them while reading or doing any task that is very close to your eyes. But hold it, be relax, there is no sign of these symptoms.
  • Reading under direct sunlight can be harmful: Any type of activity that you are doing under bright sunlight can damage your vision because of UV rays. For this, you make sure, you are wearing sunglasses like Wiley x safety glasses for eyes protection against UV rays with a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Reading a small print can damage your vision: although, reading a fine print can cause eyestrain but still there is no proof of damaging vision while doing this. If you feel eyestrain with small print, you have an option to choose large print or you can use a digital tool where you can change the font size easily. If you are reading on digital devices, follow the 20/20/20 rules for healthy eyes.

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