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Do Wisdom Teeth have to be Removed?



Do Wisdom Teeth have to be Removed

Are you experiencing excruciating pain in your mouth? Doubting if your wisdom teeth might be to blame? Then, yes, it could be. In many other cases, they are improperly aligned which can lead to bacterial accumulation. Hence there is a need for removal and for this; you might seek a trusted dentist consultation soon. Through a digital panoramic x-ray, the dentist will examine teeth that help in the initial assessment of the jaws to detect the presence of wisdom teeth and their position.

Well, What Exactly are Wisdom Teeth?

The third set of molars or wisdom teeth growing at the back of the mouth usually emerge partially or fully during late teens and early twenties (adolescence stage). These are the last permanent teeth to appear when people have attained the age of wisdom. They are used for chewing and grinding the food material.

Why are THEY called Wisdom Teeth?

Simple. Wisdom teeth got their nickname since they arrive late in the nature of their at an age where people are said to be “wiser” than when their other teeth grow in.

What’s the Concern about Wisdom Teeth Removal?

No one visiting a dentist likes to hear about the loss of a tooth. Many people think that removing wisdom teeth is merely a waste of time since they are not causing any problems and for some, wisdom teeth can cause serious problems. Generally, wisdom teeth are not removed unless there is an oral risk involved. Research studies show that approximately 70-75% of the people have at least one or more wisdom teeth removal. Did you know, tooth extraction sometimes protects your smile too! Typically, a dentist recommends wisdom teeth extraction for various reasons such as:-

(a) Impaction: It is a condition in which the some of the molars are stuck below the gum line as there is not enough space for them to grow which ultimately restricts the development of the surrounding teeth leading to an infection. Impacted wisdom teeth wisdom teeth perhaps may collide with the roots of the molars which can be extremely painful

(b) Crowding: In many cases, there is lack of space in the jawline for accommodating extra wisdom teeth which may cause crowding.

(c) Dental shifting: This condition is mostly in patients who have undergone certain orthodontic procedures. Wisdom teeth during their eruption push the neighboring teeth out of the jawline, causing oral issues.

(d) Difficulty in Cleaning and Maintaining: Regular brushing and flossing of the wisdom teeth is a challenge to keep clean. If proper cleanliness of is not maintained, a risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease increases.

(e) The Weird Eruption of the Teeth: Many a times wisdom teeth sprout out sideways and towards another tooth. This weird eruption is difficult to keep since it accumulates plaque and bacteria which pro mote the development of cavities and ultimately impacts the oral health.

Ideally, When Should be Wisdom Tooth Removal Done?

There is no standard age as such for when wisdom teeth need to come out. In some cases, wisdom teeth might not come out all. But if you experience some of the common signs of pain and discomfort, it is highly recommended to consult a dentist as soon as possible. If wisdom teeth are not removed, it may result in various oral problems: Some of the symptoms are:

• Lodging of food material between the teeth
• Intolerable pain the jaw which causes inability to chew the food
• Difficulty in the opening of the mouth
• Swelling of the gum
• Bad breath
• Cavity formation

Wisdom Tooth Extraction – The Procedure

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common surgical procedures that is undertaken in oral and maxillofacial surgery. In an ideal situation, pulling is recommended when the wisdom teeth have not fully implanted inside the jawbone and are thoroughly erupted through the gum line. While, a surgical removal generally takes about 45 minutes or so It involves the use of one of three types of anaesthesia (local, sedation and general) depending on the probable complication of the wisdom tooth extraction. During the surgical procedure, the dentist makes an incision in the gum tissue to expose the tooth and bone and removes the tooth. Finally, the site is cleaned for any debris from the tooth, and the wound is stitched by using dissolvable stitches to promote quick healing The dentist may also stuff your mouth with the gauze pads to soak the oozing blood. It takes only a few days for you to feel back to normal.

What to Expect after the Wisdom Teeth Removal?

• After the surgical procedure, painkillers are prescribed which relieve pain.
• Holding an ice pack against your cheek helps to reduce swelling.
• Drink plenty of fluids
• Try to open and close your mouth gently to exercise your jaw
• Avoid smoking, fruit juices, and hot drinks since they hamper the healing process.
• Strenuous physical activities should also be avoided.


Most wisdom tooth extraction procedures do not have any long-term complications. However, some of the rare complications include:

• Painful dry socket
• Bacterial infection in the socket due to trapped food particles
• Injury to nearby teeth, nerves, jawbone or sinuses
• There might be numbness in the mouth or lips.

Dentists at the OC Maxillofacial Surgery Center

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