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Different Types of Carpenters Involved in Carpentry Jobs



There are different types of carpentry jobs that categorize the different types of carpenters. The variety of jobs in this specific field is remarkable and it is certainly not limited to making chairs and tables. Moreover, a carpenter is required across a variety of industries and for different reasons. Few specific types of carpenters are:

  • Framing and Residential Carpenter: These carpenters build houses, condos, and apartments to name a few. Their job includes exterior, interior, wooden frames, steps, cabinets, and roofs.
  • Commercial Carpenter: This type of carpenter is for commercial use only and is engaged in hotels, schools, offices and government buildings. They can also work on wall material and have knowledge of steelwork.
  • Industrial Carpenter: They work on specific infrastructure projects of several industries such as energy, manufacturing and resource extraction that involve dams, tunnels, and bridges.
  • Bench Carpenter: Also known as cabinetmakers the work of these carpenters involves smaller projects. They are used for cutting, shaping and for assembling wooden items. They can work in homes and offices for drawers, storage compartments and dressers.
  • Furniture Finisher: Just as the name suggests their carpentry jobs involve restoring and repairing damaged furniture with proper wood-finishing.

Apart from them, you have Ship’s carpenter for nautical specific carpentry, coopers to make barrels and scenic carpenter for film sets and luthier involved in building musical instruments.

Few Other Types

Depending on the skill set and types of carpentry jobs there are a few other types as well. Carpenters usually specialize in one or two specific areas so that they can hone their skill and expertise. few specific types of carpenter are as follows:

  • Rough Carpenter: This type of carpenter does rough carpentry that includes formwork, framing, roofing and other structural work that may be large scale in nature. The significant feature of their job is that it does not require polishing or joining.
  • Joister: This is a specialized carpenter that lays floor joists. These are horizontal boards connected to the frame of a structure that is just below the door level.
  • Trim Carpenter: This type of carpenters specializes in mouldings and trims and other carpentry jobs that includes mantles, door and window casings, skirting boards and several other ornamental works.
  • Framer:  They are responsible for building framework and skeletal structure of buildings.
  • Roofer: For all type of roof construction along with special focus on beams, rafters and trusses you will need to call a roofer.

Hiring A Carpenter

When you want to hire a carpenter to make sure you hire a reliable and good one to meet your demand for carpentry jobs. You must make sure that you get proper references from your friends and family members or search for a few names online. Read their reviews and ratings before you find a couple of names that will suit your purpose and need.

When you get to interview the shortlisted carpenters make sure that you ask for a price quote. In most of the cases providing a price quote over a phone is not good, as a proper knowledge of the nature of the job is required. Therefore, the trader may want to visit your property for inspection before offering a quotation.

Make sure that you get at least three quotes for any carpentry jobs whether it is large or small. This will ensure better comparison and also find out their quality of service.

Make sure that hidden costs for waste disposal and car parking charges are included in it. This is to avoid any surprises in the end. Lastly, check for the liability insurance of the trader so that any damage caused inadvertently to your property is covered.

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