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Dental Implants – What Exactly are They?



Have you had a few teeth removed recently? Are you missing teeth? Has your dentist told you that you’d need to have teeth removed in the near future?

If you’ve been having a rough time with missing teeth or even your just feeling like your dentures aren’t working for you, it may be time to consider dental implants!

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root where a tooth no longer exists. The implant, most commonly made of surgical-grade titanium, is surgically implanted through the gums and applied directly into the jawbone. This new, false root serves as a mechanism specially designed to securely hold bridges, crowns, and even some denture types!


After we affix a tooth fixture (bridges, crowns, etc.) to the implant, your new implanted tooth functions precisely and alongside your natural teeth! Once healed, patients report dental implants to be comfortable, ideal, and efficient.

For a more comprehensive look into how dental implants are fitted and inserted, download this .pdf from the American Dental Association on the implantation process.

Am I a Dental Implant Candidate?

We’re here to help you on your dental implant journey, but let’s first discuss whether you’re a suitable candidate. Like any medical or dental procedure, there are considerations to ensure these types of dental fixtures are safe for you and the best option for your needs.

Here’s what we as dentists evaluate before beginning the dental implant process:

Are you healthy? If you’re mostly healthy, dental implants are safe for us to provide you. If you have health issues, you should discuss with your dentist whether dental implants are still a possibility for you! Certain diseases or infections can cause problems with the implant healing, so having a one-on-one with your dentist can provide you with both valuable insights in regards to your potential eligibility. As an example, having thin bone won’t rule you out from getting dental implants, but you may need a bone graft before the procedure. Talk to us; we’ll listen!

Has your jaw stopped growing? For females, jaws stop growing around 13 to 15 years of age. In males, the jaw stops growing at about 16 to 18 years of age. Unfortunately, for your safety and for implants to function correctly and efficiently, we cannot and will not perform dental implantations on a jaw that is still growing.

Are you missing teeth? If you are missing teeth, you’re likely a viable candidate for getting dental implants! Regardless of if you have lost one tooth or multiple teeth because of injuries, decay, periodontal (gum) disease, infections, or almost any other reason, we can fix that gap by implanting a stable replacement tooth!

Can you not wear or don’t want to wear dentures? If for any reason dentures are not suitable for you (even if you just don’t like how they fit), dental implants can provide similar, secure coverage and strong false teeth that match and function with any natural teeth that remain.

What to Discuss with Your Dentist

If you think dental implants may be an advantageous solution for your dental health, these are some items you should discuss with us at your next dental appointment:

Why you’re missing teeth: If you’re missing teeth from decay or infection, we can also help you find better ways to prevent corrosion and disease for your remaining natural teeth. If we know why you’ve lost previous teeth, we can most likely help you find ways to avoid losing more.

Your health status: This includes discussing which medications you’re on, what health issues you have, and if you smoke. Health issues such as diabetes or being a smoker may mean that your chances of having a successfully healed dental implant are lower. Ultimately, we strive to do as much as possible to ensure you have top-notch prospects of a successful implant. When we understand your health status, we can maximize all that can be done to ensure your dental implants will work well for you.

Why Choose Plymouth Family Dentist for Your Dental Implants?

Your teeth are our number one priority. If you’re missing teeth, your mouth and teeth aren’t performing at their full, functional potential. If you need a dental implant, Plymouth, we’re the experienced and dedicated team you’re looking for!


Our caring team here at LIFE SMILES works to provide you with unrivalled care and compassion as we help you keep your gorgeous smile not only lovely but help keep your teeth maximally beneficial.