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Darjeeling Tea Bungalows: A Must in Your Travel List



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Not many tourists know the exotic locations that exist around Darjeeling and Mirik. If you are planning a trip to north-east, why not enjoy the region like never before? Well, making a holiday trip an unforgettable experience needs a lot of research and pre-planning. But then, you spend a lot of time researching for you mundane office chores, so why not open some more windows in your laptop and check online for the deals and offers for the best resorts in Darjeeling of West Bengal? Well, Darjeeling attracts tourists round the year and has become quite popular destination for the people staying in West Bengal.

How tea bungalows in Darjeeling are unique?

If you love to venture odd tourist destinations unlike typical tourists, you can enjoy staying at the tea bungalows of Darjeeling. What makes these tea bungalows truly unique is the strategic location that gives the view of Himalayas and lush green tea gardens in a single frame. Taste the freshly brewed cup of tea in the morning, enjoying the spectacular view of sunrise near the hills from your window. Get freshened up, and enjoy breakfast with the local cuisine. Go around and enjoy bird watching and inhaling the gush of fresh air mixed with the aroma of tea leaves. Come back to the tea bungalow to enjoy the local dance or music programs arranged by the bungalow authorities. Spending every moment here is an experience you are gathering and you have a life time to cherish.
Staying in the big colonial tea bungalows, you can enjoy the tea tasting sessions here. Spend some quality time in Spa with your partner or enjoy cycling around. If you are a trekking enthusiast, nothing can be as good for you as a day or two stay in magnificent tea bungalows.

Why Chamong Chiabari?

Nothing beats the experience of staying in lush green tea gardens when you are on a trip covering north-east India. Chamong Chiabari is one of the most luxury resorts located around Darjeeling. Away from the maddening crowd of tourists, there’s a place called Sukhiya Pokhari where the magnificent Chamong Chiabari is located. Needless to say, it is a paradise for the honeymooners and haven for people who wish to unveil the beauty of nature here. Chamong is a household name for exotic tea leaves, and the tea estate produces finest quality teas for mass production. Chamong Chiabari is a spectacular tea bungalow located near the lush green tea gardens and has every element a tourist expects for in a luxury resort. From good food to great views, Chamong Chiabari has everything to make you feel delighted and rejuvenated.