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Concrete Vs Quartz Countertops: A Quick Comparison

There are various types of countertops available in the market. But we will discuss here the countertop comparison for two major and widely used countertops.



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When you get to be making some kitchen or washroom stunning appearance, the look is incomplete and unsatisfied without the countertops. In fact, the countertops are the sound idea for turning your kitchen or bathroom beautified. This doesn’t only help improve your kitchen, bathroom’s outlook but also it enhances the experience of usage of the installations.

There are various types of countertops available in the market. But we will discuss here the countertop comparison for two major and widely used countertops. Such as quartz and concrete countertops are some of the frequently used countertops for various purposes.

The notion is not right that countertops are only related to the kitchen and bathroom. Rather there are many other places in both residential and commercial buildings where countertop has a significant installation uses. Although there are a lot of types of countertops, here we will discuss only types of concrete countertype and quartz countertype.

The Difference Between Them

Whereas the matter of concern is related to the difference between quartz and concrete countertops. There are a couple of things present to notice the major differences between these two commonly used countertops. The primary difference between the quartz and concrete is their naturalness and man-made being. The quartz is made of naturally found stone or material. While the concrete is a man-produced material that can be turned into any form or colors.

What Are Basic Differences

When we talk about the comparison of the countertop types, there come two primitives of the difference—physical and chemical countertops.

Nevertheless, these differences are just general and help to differentiate quartz from the concrete. While the other significant differences we will discuss in the following will be about the overall aspects of the countertops.

Regardless, the physical appearance, we will further share with you the chemical compositions and various physical and chemical properties of the countertops that will let you know the noticeable difference.

After determining the following differences and a broader comparison of quartz and concrete countertops, you will be able to make a better decision on what countertop you should choose for your home or office.

Let’s discuss the general and overall comparisons of the two countertops, we hope, this will not only give you general information but a sound knowledge about the countertop types that will also surely enable you to choose the right choice for the residential, commercial installation needs for countertops

Quartz Countertop

This section will cover the physical and chemical aspects of the quartz countertops. Please be noted to ensure the difference in your mind which is basically a naturalness and artificiality. The quartz is a naturally found material available in different colors and resplendent patterns.


Quartz is quarried from the excavation from the stony area of the earth. The appearance of the quartz will be like an animal coat like cheetah or maple leaves and flower potpourri.

Chemical Composition

Quartz is made up of the calcium, granite and sodium, and lime. It has a sturdier structure than that of the concrete.

Installation of the Quartz Countertop

Because of being heavy in weight and delicate on dropping down, quartz requires special equipment and hands of the skilled persons to give you better results of the installations. You can contact your nearest countertop installation company.

Purchasing & Installation Cost

Standard quartz slabs can range from $50 to $90 per square foot for a standard price, although specially customized pieces can cost as much as $400 to $600 per square foot. Installation costs can further add another $300-$500 for the overall project.

Heat Resistivity

The quartz is although a heat resistant material but it only can bear a limited temperature.

Concrete Countertop

The concrete is an artificial countertop made from the gypsum, cement, and other addition of the chemicals.


It looks like a cemented surface and can be customized in different desired colors and patterns.

Chemical Composition

As concrete is a man-made material so it makes of the cement, gypsum, and concrete crush.

Installation of the Concrete Countertop

The concrete countertops are very heavy and hard to handle, thus demands a hand of a professional.

Purchasing & Installation Cost

Concrete countertops come in slabs and slates, the general price for them is $300-$400 per sq. ft. While the installation cost for the concrete countertop will be $80-$130 per square foot.

Heat Resistivity

The concrete vs quartz countertops comparison comes to be with summarization with the heat resistance ability. The concrete countertops are likely less heat resistant and its sturdiness can weaken with consistent exposure to heat.

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