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Concept of Network Marketing explained and how does it works?



Direct selling business tips

If you are still not aware about network marketing this article will help you understand the concept and how it works. Network marketing or multi-level marketing or direct selling in india is basically a systematic business model that comprises of a pyramid structure with a network of people selling company products involved in the network.

People who are part of this network are paid on commission basis. It means people in the network get commissions upon

  • Selling a product.
  • People under their network sell a particular product.

In short, there is a pyramid structure in the network that comprises of participants who do not get salaries but are paid commissions whenever they make a sale themselves or people below them do in a pyramid.

Well, consumers are the actual participants in the network. The people they refer like their friends or family are their customers and this creates a cycle in the system.

How does Network Marketing actually work?

A lot of people are creating their own network through which they market their products.

Network Marketing is one of the most successful businesses and even common people can start the business with small investment generate substantial income that gives them overall financial freedom.

Reporting to the office every day

It is basic routine for most of us who are working as employees in various organizations. Getting ready to go to the office and reporting to your employer is a daily routine. You are actually working for your employer who is earning profits.

When you opt for network marketing you get assistance on setting up your business. You gain profits while bringing in customers as you go along the process.

There is a complete network that walks you through to build successful business and earn good income.

Complete control over the business

The best thing about network marketing is you actually are running a real business without a boss on your head. You are solely accountable for the success or failure of your network marketing business as it depends how much business you are bringing in.

Primary goal of network marketing

You need to invest anywhere from 5-20 hours on a weekly basis to make your network marketing business a success.

Many people believe that it is a quick rich scheme that would make them rich overnight but the fact is that it is not a scheme that could get you instant money. It needs a proper marketing and sincere efforts too.

You need to treat it as your own business and work hard to make it a success.

Word of mouth works for advertising

Word of mouth works great for advertising in network marketing. It is just like when you like any product or movie and you start telling about it to your friends, colleagues etc.

Many big brands rely on mouth advertising as it is a key ingredient to achieve success in advertising campaigns.

All network marketers believe in mouth advertising and they also get paid for that. Many people ask this question whether I need to sell services/products etc. The answer is certainly, because that is what the whole business is all about.

No door to door selling

Well, many people are confused whether they will have to door to door selling for a company product when involved in network marketing. No, you don’t need do that. It is just about mouth to mouth advertising that gains you customers. We all are doing mouth advertising even within our daily routine isn’t? When you buy a product and you like it, the first thing you do is call your friends, relative and talk about it. You tell them about how good the product is.

This way the mouth advertising works in the networking circle and creates an influence that earns you commission. You can easily earn money even sitting at home with no office space required. You just need to grab the opportunity and put in the right efforts to create the network that helps you gain profits. The best way to create a downline is to motivate as many people as you can initially to sign up and surely if they show interest in the product they will turn to be a rep.