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Chicago city view

Chicago, the city that is known as the Windy city has a reason behind itself being called so. Well, the word ‘Windy’ might sound similar to winds and you might end up thinking that it is called so because this city experiences a lot of winds. You are wrong! But it’s okay, that’s a common misconception. But the name is actually addressing the crazy politics of this place. But that is not just the only thing. There is a lot more to it.

Chicago is wildly famous for its food, and the first things that come to mind when you think of food in Chicago are pizzas, hotdogs of the meat and toppings. The staple is Italian beef when it comes to sandwiches, and again the unspoken rule goes “the wetter the better” flavors and sandwiches. Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza is famous all over the world for no small reasons. Perfectly rich in flavor and taste to tantalize the taste buds, these dishes are very special.  Oh and please do not squeeze some ketchup on the hotdog. That’s a silent rule.

Find everything in Chicago including the world’s best food, amusing museums, enchanting architecture, best shopping areas and what not! The city colors up and looks like a blushing woman with all its pink flowers and the perfect appearance of Gaia.

Chicago is a city built on the coasts of greatness and simplicity blended together. We suggest you to travel to Chicago and discover new neighborhoods, customized itineraries, top events and more.

The saying ‘work hard, party harder,’ has new meaning in Chicago. Clubbing and partying do not have any limits here as the night life in Chicago is all bright and beautiful. But then since this special offer to serve drinks till 4 AM in the morning needs some legal license, all the bars do not offer this facility. But the bars that do witness packed houses every night.

Winters and summers turn Chicago into practically two different cities. Winter can often be cruel here and keep people indoors indefinitely. Contrastingly, summer is typically bright here and the city comes alive during this season. Seas of people fill the streets and beaches this time of the year. So wait no more! Pack your bags and head out to this vibrant city to have the adventure of a lifetime.
Who wouldn’t want to visit such a beautiful city? We know even you have the wish to visit this place and that is why we advise you to look for any international travel agency and book a cheap flight for yourself. Visit Chicago and experience the best of this city. Don’t underestimate this city as this place has a lot to give you than you can take it.

This isn’t the end to it. In fact Chicago is known to hold some mysterious characters in itself and it also happens to have a mysterious Chicago blog run by people over there and an Obscura Society Illinois hosted by Adam Selzer. There are even repeated questions to be heard that are still mysteries.

Who was the Woman in Black at the Drake Hotel?  Who’s buried in Ira Couch’s tomb? Who killed Big Jim Colosimo and how come his tomb has the wrong date? Where did the Fool Killer submarine come from and whatever happened to it? How did the Great Chicago Fire start?

These things are a lot to take in and will demand a lot of time of yours which is why we suggest you start booking your tickets to Chicago. Live a life there and get to know more about the people in Chicago. We are sure you will have a phenomenal trip to remember and you will remember this for a lifetime. Sayonara!

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