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Car Detailing Tips That Will Save You Money




As a car enthusiast you want to buy the best car with topmost features suitable for your needs. But the car fever wears off after a while when you procrastinate taking care of it. Why let your beautiful automobile rust away and lose its resale value? 

It is always better to pay attention to your car’s detailing routine every month. An hour or two per month on your car will increase its longevity. Here are some best car detailing tips from professionals to help you keep your beloved vehicle healthy and squeaky clean!    

Preliminary Arrangements 

Even when you make up your mind to finally spruce up the car, main question arrives – where to start? Well, start by mentally dividing your car into different sections. Go for one section and do not move to next one until you finish it. People generally go all over the place and miss spots. This way your detailing process won’t take too long and every part will be equally taken care of. 

The Cloth

Many people use general house towels for cleaning their cars as well. Does it matter? Yes, it does. The house cleaning cloths are pretty rough and end up damaging the paint and leaving scratch marks. Instead of them, use soft microfiber cloths for washing, drying and cleaning your cars. These cloths are very gentle on the car’s surface, leaving it shiny and safe. Also, be sure to separate your washing, drying and cleaning clothes for utmost results.

Keep It Clean

Keep your car clean by regularly rinsing it off. If you let the dust and other elements stay on its surface, they speed up the oxidization process and end up rusting and scratching the car early. Once a week simple car wash is ideal. Do not forget to rinse off the underside of car as it also needs regular care. Apart from that give a weekly vaccume session to the detailing inside of car for a hygienic and odor free ride.

Window Trick

Clean windows are a very crucial part of a well-maintained car. You may wash the windows every time, yet when rolled down those stains on top of it never seem to go. It is the result of ignoring the top of window during your washes. Remember to roll down all the windows and clean the top portion. It will make sure that no dirt stains, water stains resist. 

Wax And Clay Combination

Many people are particularly skeptical about waxing their car. The wax protects paint on your car and instantly makes it shiny. So, it is a good habit if you wax your car once a month. Also, it smoothens the surface, not letting the dust to accumulate. Although, clean the wax very precisely from crevices and corners of your car. A lethargic clean up causes the wax to get stuck, leading a wax build up. To avoid that clean it with patience. Also, after that do use a clay bar to run over the cleaned surface. It take out even the minute dust remaining stuck in the paint. 

Caring for your vehicle shows that you are a car enthusiast too! Do not forget to visit a detailing shop near you once in a while to get your car professionally checked and maintained.