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Car Accidents: How to Handle Them Effectively



Immediately after a car accident, people make a lot of mistakes that cost them money, or worse. If you are conscious and relatively unaffected post being in an auto accident, there are a series of steps that every automobile owner and driver should be well aware of in advance. Stay with us as we discuss some of the most important of those steps in the right order.

Call 911 Immediately After

Provided that the accident has not been serious enough to cause a total blackout, you should first call 911 before anything else. It doesn’t even have to be serious and you shouldn’t wait to check how serious it is before calling. Time is of the essence here, so make the call first and check later.

Check Yourself and the Others

Check for severe and minor injuries caused due to the accident to yourself first, and then check the others if you can. First aid in time can save lives before the paramedics get there. If you are injured yourself, do not move and instead ask for assistance from the others in the car, provided they are relatively less harmed.

Do Not Drive Away

Even if the injuries do not seem major, a concussion can be completely devoid of symptoms for a while, before making itself apparent. Driving away is just about the worst possible thing you can do after being in an injury, from a medical as well as a legal perspective. There could be severe injuries on the other side and you need to check on them as well.

Exchange Insurance Information

If both you and the other party is relatively unharmed, exchange insurance info and take pictures of both cars, whether you are at fault or not.

Go to a Hospital

It doesn’t matter whether you are feeling the need to go to a hospital or not, you must go to one for a full checkup anyway, along with those that were with you in the car. Do not drive, but call a cab instead.

Taking Your Car to the Body Shop

After the initial steps, it’s time to put a call into an auto body shop, and arrange for them to tow your car from the spot of the accident to their garage. This auto body shop in San Diego – San Diego Auto Body and Paint –  comes highly recommended due to their 30+ years of experience in repairing cars with major and minor collision damage. They have a reputation for making the signs of damage disappear with incredible precision, so they would be an ideal choice if the accident occurs in San Diego.

Being in a car accident is an inevitability for nearly everyone living in modern society. It’s just that the severity of the accidents can vary quite a bit depending on people’s frequency behind the wheels and of course, their luck. Since no one ever gets time to check up on the necessary steps after an accident, we hope you have gone through the points well enough now.

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