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Brushing Techniques – How to Brush Properly?



Brushing the teeth properly is key to maintaining good dental health. You can’t skip brushing and find your teeth and gums healthy and disease-free. Not brushing means there will be bacteria and plaque and food residues promoting tooth decay and causing gum disease. So, you must brush at least twice a day to maintain dental health.

However, you must also follow right techniques for brushing else all the effort in cleaning teeth would go waste. More importantly, not using right techniques can leave your teeth stained with a tinge of yellowish taking over the naturalness. With proper oral care at home and through cleaning, you can achieve healthy, white and bright teeth.

You must also consider a few things in regard to teeth brushing, including:

  • Change your toothbrush every three months
  • Don’t allow frayed bristles harm your teeth
  • Use only soft-bristled toothbrush to keep your teeth healthy
  • Brush with soft hand and don’t exert too much force
  • Clean all areas of your teeth in a slow manner
  • Spend 2-3 minutes per session of brushing
  • Use only fluoride-containing toothpaste

Here are some of right brushing techniques for clean and healthy teeth –

  1. Keep your brush at 45 degree to the front teeth

Experts and hygienists suggest this to clean your teeth thoroughly. In this technique, you need to place the brush at 45 degree to the front teeth surface. You also need to make sure that the bristles are in touch with both lines of gum and teeth. This will help your reach to all areas and take out foods and germs hidden between teeth surface easily.

  1. Move the brush in a circular motion

Your brush movement has a lot to do with the kind of results you expect from daily brushing. Experts suggest that the right technique is to move the brush in a circular motion. Doing this with a small shake can ensure proper cleaning with things stuck between teeth coming out easily. Try this and see the difference in your teeth’s whiteness levels.

  1. Back & forth motion for back teeth

Cleaning the back teeth is never as easy as it looks. It’s certainly more difficult than cleaning the front ones. However, the right technique to clean the inside surface of your back teeth is to move the brush in a back and forth motion. Make sure the motion is small with no extra stress else it can cause erosion.

  1. Tilt the brush vertically for the inside of front upper teeth

It needs titling of the brush vertically to clean the inside surface of the front upper teeth. You also have to use small up-and-down strokes to reach all parts there. The insides of the teeth are never that simple to clean and using soft hands becomes key there. So, go about the task and do the cleaning gently for desired results.

  1. Use up-and-down strokes to clean the front lower teeth

Your front lower teeth will need as much care as the front upper teeth, with both requiring soft-hand approach and less stress. Here too, you will have to tilt the brush vertically and go about using small up-and-down strokes. This is how the inside surface is cleaned properly and plaque or bacteria is flushed out from there.

  1. Clean the biting surface with back and forth motion

The biting surface needs extra attention. To clean them, move the brush in a gentle back & forth motion. Extra force on these surfaces won’t harm much but if possible, avoid that and focus on being consistent on both sides. You can consult a top dentist in Vijayawada to know about proper brushing techniques.