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Beware of the Unethical Course of Action of the Trucking Company. Call a Truck Accident Lawyer



Truck accidents leave no doubt about the massive fatality. Owing to the enormous size and heavy weight, it is quite understandable that if the vehicle meets a crash with other automobiles or hit a passerby or twists and turns and rollovers, it will undoubtedly lead to catastrophe.

The horror story lies in the fact that the trucking company tends to adopt the unethical course of action to dodge the compensation to be reimbursed to the victim. Therefore, the general mass must be aware of the unfair tactics of the truck owners and take protection against them for fair justice.

Usually, there are many allies of the trucking organization who collectively play unfair games against the innocents. They are the insurance company, manufacturer, maintenance department, truck agents, etc. They utilize the sufferer’s lack of experience and vulnerability after the occurrence of the accident. They throw several promises for dragging the litigation for long which leads to the removal of evidences and weakening of the claim. Plus, not many people can afford lawyer’s high fees for months after months. If the lawsuit can be stretched for a more extended period, the casualty can fall short of money to continue the case and may withdraw it. Again, if the victim is severely injured and hospitalized undergoing critical surgeries that result in physical disability at least for some months, he or she cannot attend the court on time.

The worst thing is the injured party often can’t decide whether to take advantage or to be manipulated of the concurrent situations. Ordinary people usually don’t possess the knowledge of trucking laws and regulations and what to do and whom to proceed right after an accident. They end up in approaching the wrong person or an ordinary lawyer dealing with too many aspects which gives way to the loss of case and compensation.

The highly skilled trucking agency and the insurance adjusters are like smile faced backstabbers. They talk finely and sympathetically and the sufferer fails to make out the immoral intentions.

Read below:

  • Rescuing the faulty driver:

Many times, the truck drivers are under the influence of stressful work hours, alcohol, weed or drugs. They become physically and mentally impaired which causes the contretemps. In this case, the trucking company tries to prevent or delay the alcohol and drug test for covering the evidence of the intoxicated state of the driver.

  • Vanishing the proofs:

It is one of the standard tricks played by the trucking companies. Essential evidences like driver’s license, qualification report, maintenance record, driver’s logs, etc. often found mysteriously missing from the accident spot. Alteration of the evidences makes it back-breaking for the victims to run solid litigation against the big-shot truck organizations.

  • Bribing:

It is entirely unpropitious that most of the humans fall prey to the good amount of black money. The wealthy truck proprietor bribes the witnesses and the associated agents to erase the evidences and provide false information to the police and the lawyer. In fact, to make things worst, they give the corrupt police officers a backhander so that the later stops taking action against them.

  • Scare the victims

People with ample financial strength can take an illegal hand on the poor wounded person. After the mishap, the later has already lost many vital things such as property, health, any near and dear human, mental peace, etc. He/she is automatically in post accidental trauma and is trying to recover from the problems. This period is a golden chance for the substantial truck owners to frighten the injured person so that the later removes his/her decision to take legal action or withdraw the on-going lawsuit against the former. Again, the people who are going to become the solid witnesses may be warned by the trucking company.

  • Run around

The harmed person may find himself/herself meet head-on with unnecessary delays, bureaucracy, excuses, dead ends, red-tape, etc. The trucking association and the insurance agencies do this purposefully to make the victim tired and surrender the case.

  • Offer money to the victims:

In numerous occasions, the trucking agencies offer an amount to be paid to the injured person before the litigation reaches court. They wish to settle the case out of the court for avoiding the further hassles. It has two sides. Either it may compensate the sufferer adequately, or it may be very less than what the victim actually deserves. Ordinarily, the amount account to subtraction of the deserved repayment.

Get help from a truck accident lawyer only for your best interests. An experienced attorney will be able to protect your rights and provide you justice.