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Best Tips to Managing Home Business with a Toddler



How to Managing Home Business with a Toddler?

This article is about my own experience of running a home based business while taking care of an 15 months toddler. I live with my husband in a separate house and he works full time. By profession I am an academic writer and recently I have started a business of homemade food.

In the beginning I found it difficult to manage home, kid and business. But with the time I mastered to manage everything with a balanced approach. What is a balanced approach? To keep your work activities to that extend that you do home activities easily and your kid get maximum time.

When I started the homemade food in the beginning, I had a few orders. Eventually I started getting a lot of orders and it became impossible to handle everything alone. Then I figured out that and made a list of repeat customers.

Finally I checked how much I could get with the repeat orders, and I found I could make pretty much by having limited customers. I decided to apply the balanced approach to my work activities, and limited my work, so that I can get time and energy to do home chores and take proper care of my little one as well.

This is a good approach for the mums who want to earn a passive income and they also want to give proper time to their little ones besides you can make money with online business.

Freelancing is best for mums as they can decide the working hours and have their own work schedules. You just need to identify the skills that you can offer as your services and you are good to go. There are a lot of freelancing websites and you can register with them easily. Make a good profile and a portfolio and you are good to go.

In the beginning, I started as an academic writer and took projects from different clients. Eventually, I started getting more orders which I couldn’t handle alone, so I started to outsource my projects. Now, I have a team of writers who work for me. I get orders from my clients and outsource to my writers, and I am making a good passive income from these projects.

This approach helped me to manage my financial activities, along with the upbringing of my little one.

Another important aspect is to complete your maximum work while baby is playing with his toys or watching nursery rhymes. When he was 5 months, I used to put him in best infant convertible car seat, also known as capsule car seat for infants and he used to sleep in it while watching his nursery rhymes. Now, I have a toddler swing, and I put him in the swing and switch on the television, so he can watch his favourite nursery rhymes. This helps me to do my work with full concentration.

Finally, I complete my remaining work when my little one is taking his quick nap during noon. Hence, this is how I manage to give time to my work and my family. I hope you will like the tips, and I would love to hear more suggestions from the working mums.