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Best tips for the new Drupal developers




Drupal developers are in demand for the website building, module development and theming of the websites for the companies. With more and more companies having their website developed for better communication with the users the need and necessity of the Drupal developers is also in high demand. Therefore it is important for a new Drupal developer to attain certain skills and to follow some tips that will help the novice developer to be on par with others.

Every company wants to hire Drupal developers who are excelled in the skill so that their business need is met by the developer correctly and effectively. Theming, layout designing, front end, back end development, and, many other aspects are involved in developing the website.

Learn the admin side of Drupal: To develop the website in the right and adaptable manner for various devices, the developer has to learn his way around the admin so that he can configure and manage the website layout as per modules such as view, panels.

PHP first: PHP is the main building block of Drupal, hence it’s of utmost priority for a Drupal developer to learn PHP to be more understanding and familiar with the development. The functional oriented and object-oriented aspects of the PHP should be learned by the developer so that one understands the structural way of programming. Other features such as processes, functions, hooks system and many else learning add an additional advantage.

Familiarize with standards: Companies hire Drupal developers who excel in the area they work in. There are 3 main classifications of developers who deal with building the website, developing the modules and theming of the websites. Every developer should abide by the standards that ensure the security quality and ease of understanding of code to other developers. Quality of the code decides the manner in which data is loaded and webpage fastness. Security of coding has to be maintained as per standards needed.

Seek the help of other developers: Join the community of the Drupal developers where everyone shares their ideas and discuss the issues and help each other with solutions and ideas. This is an easy way to learn and be updated with the latest techniques and methods. Keep yourself updated various other information through blogs, events, and other websites to be on par with the latest trend in Drupal website development.

Self-learning importance: The internet has endless possibilities for learning and practicing skills. Update yourself regularly and practice frequently the skill set of Drupal through self-learning models and through websites that provide free courses or online tutoring classes and all. There are many websites and blogs, forums that provide audio video formats of tutorials for better and easy understanding of the Drupal.

Social media relevance: There is no need to explain the importance or the value of social connectivity in the network is driven world. This social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter also provides a great way to learn and be updated with things regarding Drupal through the community pages.

Technical knowledge: As a developer, you should be technically sound with various other skills that are needed to develop and maintain a company website. Having the skills of JQuery, MySql along with PHP is an added advantage that helps you market better as the developer.

Other learning aspects: Templating, packaging, debugging like this many other aspects are there where the skills play an important role. To be able to work around the Command Line Interface is a prominent skill needed.

Follow the above tips to equip yourself and be the best new Drupal developer.