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Best Photo Cartoon Maker App to Turn Picture into Cartoon App



If you are a photo love who love experimenting with your pictures then you would love this post – because in this post I’ll going to talk about some of the best photo cartoon maker apps that will turn your picture into a cartoon character.

It is fun to making fun with your images like turning them into cartoon character, painting, etc.

In this post I have covered the best cartoon creation app that turns pictures into cartoons without any problem.

Let check them out:

Best Cartoon Maker App to Turn Yourself into Cartoon Character

Internet is filled with tons of app that turns photos into cartoons with blink of an eye. The best part you don’t need to spend a single penny to use these cartoon maker apps for android.

#1. Cartoon Effect on Photo –

Want to see how would your beautiful face look in the sketch? If you nodding you head in affirmation, then Cartoon Effect on Photo is the app you need.

Stop wasting money on painter or sketch makers – using Cartoon Effect on Photo you can easily convert any pictures into different cartoon and artistic look.

Cartoon Effect on Photo is one of the best cartoon picture apps that has the best seven oil painting, artistic, sketch, drawing, caricature effects, and the adjustment tools that adjust perfect brightness, contrast of the image to get a real cartoon looks.

#2. Change Photo into Caricature –

Using this cartoon picture apps you can easily apply the cartoonist effects on any image whether it is a male or female photo. The amazing photo to cartoon app will automatically convert any picture into caricature that will make people laugh.

Moreover, you can add funny stickers and text on your desired photos in the bubble form. Change Photo into Caricature is the best cartoon picture app if you want to share and save your creative cartoon into SD cards.

This is the best cartoon app that allows you to present yourself to the world in a funny way.

#3. Momentcam Cartoons & Stickers –

If you are looking for the apps that convert your images into cartoons or emoticons, Momentcam is the app you need to check out.

It is the best cartoon maker app that will easily convert your images into funny cartoons and emoticons.

Using this cartoon maker app you can’t only change the photo into cartoon but also you can assign the new background and facial expression to your photos.

MomentCam let you create your own event based cartoon photos so, you can create a funny enjoinment in your friends’ birthday, wedding or other special events.

#4. Funny Image Photo Editor –

It is a must have cartoon maker app for those who loves photography. Using this cartoon maker app you can turn your funny pictures into amazing pics that will remind you your good times.

Funny Image Photo Editor is an amazing camera app that be with you all the time therefore you won’t need the image editing software.

It has the sets of beautiful frames and templates – that will make your images more beautiful than ever. Furthermore, you can edit, resize, rotate, and crop your images in those templates and frames.

#5. Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera

It quickly turns your photos into sketches, cartoon, and paintings. Using this cartoon maker app you can experiment on your own pictures to makes them more funny.

The app allows your different cartoony effects, filters, double exposures, blur and artistic tools.

The selfie camera app has been voted for the best cartoon maker app of 2016. The art filters, cartoon and selfie beauty filters, art and sketch filters are created in PaintLab.

This is the new way to play with your images and store them for later moment to make you happy.


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