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Best lakes in Texas to live on




It’s hard not to be a lake lover if you live in Texas. With more than 700 of them scattered all around the state, it’s no wonder they are such a popular recreational activity. However, why limit yourself to a weekend retreat when you can easily give lakeside living a try? Relocation is easy, especially if you already live in the Lone Star State. But among so many of them how do you choose just the one? Read on to learn about the best lakes in Texas to call home and decide what’s the perfect option for you.

Lady Bird Lake – Austin’s getaway

Located in the Texas state capital, this lake is a patio paradise of the city of Austin. Separating the northern and southern parts of the city, the ‘Lady of Austin’ is a dammed section of the Colorado River. This iconic body of water represents one of the favorite hubs in Austin, great for kayaking, canoeing, and paddle-boarding, to name a few. Other than endless water activities, you can also try the Hike-and-Bike trail, which is over 10 miles long, making a full circle around the lake. Add to that lunch and dinner river cruises, as well as bat-watching cruises (yes, it’s a thing) and you can see why this lake is Austin’s most treasured jewel. If all of this doesn’t make it one of the best lakes in Texas, then we don’t know what does.

Lake Travis, Austin’s scenic jewel

But Austin has six more lakes, the biggest of which is Lake Travis. And while Lady Bird Lake might be a jewel of the city, this one is a crown jewel for sure. Other than regular water activities, it offers underwater adventures as well, due to its immense depths. An especially popular activity is scuba diving, which is an opportunity to explore the lake from a whole different perspective. Speaking of different perspectives, how about a ziplining experience for a bird’s point of view of the whole city? You really can’t go wrong with one of the most popular lakes in the entire state. When it comes to accommodation, it varies from houseboats and luxury watercraft to RV parks and regular condos. Know that moving anywhere in Lakeway is a simple process, all you need to do is find just the right living option for you.

Inks Lake, the best lake in Texas for camping

Are you a fan of the slow and easy life? Then this stunning lake in the midst of Texas Hill County is just right for you. It’s less than an hour’s drive northwest from Austin and has a lot of family-friendly lake homes available. If you prefer casual vacations, this lake has nearly 200 camping spots suitable even for the largest recreational vehicles. Still not convinced why this is one of the best lakes in Texas? Then you should know that it’s one of the nicest waters in Texas, packed with swimming and fishing decks. And if you’re a fan of water sports, Inks Lake is sheltered from the wind, making it great for boating and waterskiing. You can find just about anything along the lake’s shores, from looking at the wildlife to golfing at the local golf courts.

Eagle Mountain Lake, the boatman’s paradise

Does housing yourself on the shore near Forth Worth sound good? Because Eagle Mountain Lake is great for all those who are looking to live near the water. With three parks surrounding the lake, you’ll have plenty of options for outdoor activities. The trails at Eagle Mountain Parks are for sure some of the best you’ll find in North Texas. And when you add the numerous hills, mountains, and bluffs into the equation, it’s quite clear why it’s one of the best lakes in Texas. Boating enthusiasts should know that this lake boasts the world-renowned Forth Worth Boat Club. Fishermen won’t feel left out on Eagle Mountain Lake as well since the lake is home to white, spotted and largemouth bass, channel catfish, to name a few. And there’s no shortage of picnic areas, campgrounds or restaurants. In short, it’s a lake that won’t leave you indifferent.

Lake Lavon, a quiet haven

If you happen to be visiting Allen, TX, Lake Lavon is just a half an hour ride. It’s also just 33 miles always from Dallas, meaning you get to have a quiet paradise right next to a metropolis. The comfort of quiet country living while still being at the center of everything is truly what is called having the best of both worlds. This recreational lake stretches across 21.000 acres and is great for all kinds of activities. It’s especially famous for its parks where you can enjoy numerous amenities such as hiking/biking trails, marinas, and a handicapped park as well. Boat rental is also an option whenever you feel you’re up for a cruise. When it comes to accommodation, you’ll easily find something that will suit your family to a tee. Not to mention that living here is much more affordable than in the city, with the property tax being at a low 1.6%. And there’s the famous Trinity Trail, a 25-mile long trail equipped for equestrians and hikers. It’s also an active organization and you can easily join and be part of this nature-loving community.

Lake O’the Pines, the Eastern gem

Last but not least, let’s move on to what’s possibly the most beautiful lake in all of East Texas. It justifies its name as it’s surrounded by breathtaking pine trees that seem to touch the sky. For anyone who wants to get miles away from the hurly-burly of city life and have an indescribable view of the stars, this is your spot. It’s a lake with clear water and limited boat traffic, making it perfect for relaxation in nature. Fishing is one of the main activities on the lake. Here, you can catch anything from a largemouth or spotted bass to catfish or chain pickerel. There are some great coves for rafts up or swimming, and camping near the lake is an amazing experience. For anyone who thrives in peace and quiet, this is one of the best lakes in Texas to live on.