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Best Investment Options in India for everyone in their 20s



The last decade was signified the dotcom bust with new websites entering the market to attract investors angel. Now, the modern era stands on the pillar of creative ideas and new markets for innovative products. It gives room for new form of investments and investment of funds. The young generation is keen to invest in modern ideas but they also realize the importance of fixed and stable from of investments.

The new options for investment include websites, Bitcoins, e-commerce, and emerging tech start-ups. People in their twenties have enough time to benefit from such schemes and learn from mistakes. One must keep an open mind while investing but look for stability in a major investment.

Some of the long-term investment options, also taking the current trend into account includes:


A company stock proves to be a worthy asset if invested-in responsibly. Buying and selling stocks can yield huge returns on your investment. A good amount of dividend is received when investing in high performing stock options. The only thing to keep in mind is the volatility of the stock market. Therefore, you should diversify your investment in different companies rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.

There are financial advisors to seek help and even online platforms and apps which provide guidance and consultation for stock investments. It is easy to trade online and some websites may not even charge for opening a demat account.

Mutual Fund

Mutual fund is an efficient way to diversify your investments without having to worry about returns. A mutual fund is usually managed by professional money managers. They pool in all the money from different investors and allocate it in different investment schemes and stock options. It involves minimal risks and one can start investing with an amount as little as Rs. 500.

You can invest in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with your bank and start investing with a small amount each month. However, mutual funds may present higher risks that most of the other investment options in the industry.

Government and Corporate Bonds

Bonds are loans provided to either corporate or government entities as an investment. Investing in bonds does not require an elevated level of investment and most of the options available in the market are safe.

For instance, 8% government bonds are easily accessible for investment through government websites and they safely assure the guaranteed returns within the stipulated period. However, one should do research on a corporate entity before investing in the bonds or debentures issued by them for investment.

Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit is still the most reliable and stable form of investment. Perhaps, it is time to listen our parents’ discussions as they might also have invested in fixed deposits for us. Banks offer different interest rates and so you can choose as per your needs. An investor can approach corporate fixed deposits as well which provide higher rates of interest. Unlike a bank’s standard facilities, they provide many benefits and customized options to the investors. Bajaj Finance for example, gives 8.40% return on investment with a minimum deposit of Rs. 25,000.

Apart from flexible repayment tenure, it also lets you calculate your returns in advance using an FD Calculator. It is essential to invest in a well-reputed firm like Bajaj Finance which has a rating of ICRA’s MAAA and CRISIL’s FAAA which is highest in the industry, deeming them as stable investment options.

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